May 18, 2012
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Zan: Nine-Month Old Sneak Peek
Zan: Nine-Month Old Sneak Peek
On Sunday, I met up with Zan for his nine-month portraits. Every time I see this kid, he’s gotten just a little bit bigger and even more adorable. Ha ha – I guess I have to…gotten bigger.
IMG_6653 RS
His mother suggested we meet at a local park. She said that another one of her photographer friends uses it quite frequently to photograph some of his clients. Considering how many other photographers I saw on Sunday while we were there, I get the feeling that this particular park is quite popular for portraits.
IMG_6744 RS
The fun thing about photographing a nine-month old is that they are really coming into their own personality at this point…and they really enjoy standing up. Zan was more than willing to show me his mad skills by standing up against this stone wall.
IMG_6770 RS
Of course, I also wanted to capture him from above – this is one of my favorite positions for nearly everyone I photograph. I love the look on his face – it’s like he’s saying “seriously?”
IMG_6921 RS
This park had multiple places for us to wander…tree-covered paths, stone walls, tall grass, etc. In particular, there was an old barn that we quickly learned was a photography favorite…but we also found this neat old fence. Zan enjoyed peeking out. Peek-a-boo!
IMG_7004 BW-RS
One of my challenges though, was trying to get Zan’s attention when we sat him down on the ground. He was so intrigued by all the clover, that it was hard to capture him looking at the camera. I think we still managed to catch a few sweet moments though (like the shot above in black and white…because every good sneak peek deserves a black and white photo, right?).
IMG_6842 RS
All in all, it was a great session. In fact, I proved to myself that even at 28 weeks pregnant, I can still move my body into all those weird photography positions (you know what I’m talking about). Zan’s mother even said to me, “I don’t know how you’re able to get down like that.” I wonder if I’ll still have that kind of energy for the photo sessions I have coming up at 32 weeks and 34 weeks – that should be interesting!
IMG_7043 RS
With all that said, I hope you enjoyed a preview of Zan’s photo session – I know I did. I also hope you have a great weekend!