July 14, 2012
Categories: My Pregnancy
A Pregnancy Story: One Last Shower
I’m completely aware of the fact that I’m no longer pregnant. However, if Miss Felicity had only waited until her actual due date, I would still be pregnant…and I’d still be giving my weekly bump reports, sharing photos of the nursery, etc. Considering that I still haven’t documented my final baby shower or shared photos of Felicity’s nursery, I’m going to take a look back for the next few weeks. No worries – I’ll still share new photos of Felicity in between.
RM Shower Collage
From Left: Aunt Laurie, my sister, ME and my mom
With that in mind…my final baby shower took place in my hometown on June 24, 2012 at my grandmother’s home (yes, the one who recently passed away – it would have been there anyways, so why change it). My Aunt Laurie and my mom put on quite a show, complete with gorgeous flower arrangements, a baby carriage inspired cake, food and gifts.
IMG_7936 RS
Before all the guests arrived, I was sure to take a few photos before handing my camera off to my Aunt Marian. It’s hard to believe that just three weeks ago, I had this big ‘ol baby bump. My mom said I was waddling quite a bit that day. Even though I still look like I’m carrying high, apparently Felicity was already working her way into GO MODE. Furthermore, it’s a good thing we had this shower when we did…I nearly missed it!
IMG_7951 RS
In addition to a number of gorgeous outfits (my mom owns a children’s boutique so many of our guests bought cute outfits that I picked out from my mom’s shop), one of our guests brought this super cute diaper motorcycle. Creative right? Even more impressive was that her husband put it all together.
IMG_7997 RS
Finally, a glimpse into Felicity’s wardrobe. As I was receiving gifts, my sister was writing down who gave what…and my mom/aunt were toting the gifts off to the den so everyone could view the gifts as a whole at the end of the party. If only this little girl was big enough to wear all these clothes! She will seriously be the best dressed baby in town.

Alright, that’s all for now (mom – we can relive the day in it’s entirety when you visit this weekend). I’ll be back tomorrow with Scavenger Hunt Sunday! See ya then.