July 09, 2012
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Felicity’s Birth Story
From the very moment I found out I was pregnant, I started thinking ahead to my due date…which forced me to think about whether or not I would continue working after our baby was born…which led me to planning my last day at work (you can assume that I decided not work full time post-baby). When asked, I would often tell my coworkers, “My goal is to work through June (June 29th being my last day). I’d love to take the month of July off and live it up like a school teacher.” HA HA, yeah, I totally planned on floating in a pool for the month of July as I worked my way up to August 1st (our estimated due date). I certainly didn’t want to be one of those women who worked all the way up until they went into labor. Feel free to laugh – I’m totally that woman! Clearly, God and Felicity had different plans. 
IMG_8013 RS
To celebrate my last day in the office, my husband and I decided to grab some New York Style pizza at Randy’s pizza. It was hot…I want to say something along the lines of 105 degrees. I was waddling and it took everything I had to get comfortable while we waited for our pizza order. Finally it arrived, so I took a few napkins and started patting down my pizza of extra grease. My husband thought my approach was a little gross and asked that I throw the napkins away. I got up to throw them away and felt a little trickle of water running down my leg. I noticed that the bathroom was a few more steps away so I kept walking to the bathroom to check it out.
snul-1010 RS
Photo by Bella Baby Photography
I honestly didn’t know if my water had broken or not (it wasn’t on my radar yet…I mean, we hadn’t even packed a hospital bag or installed our car seat…I was supposed to have five more weeks), but I found myself sniffing the toilet paper to check the odor. It was roughly 7 pm. I went back to my seat and got up again for some reason…same thing happened. More water, another trip to the bathroom. This time, I told my husband to get a box – we were taking the pizza home. And from that point, every time I moved a bit, a little more water came out…and then a huge gush that confirmed my initial thoughts. Yep, we’re about to have a baby.
IMG_8009 BW RSI called my doctor’s office to see if I should go to the hospital to get checked out. My practice has about eight OB-Gyns on staff…all women, with the exception of one man. Interestingly enough, the one male doctor is the one that has seen me more than anyone else…but not necessarily the one I’ve wanted to deliver my baby. He was on call that night. He told me he’d meet me in labor and delivery. So, we raced around the house to throw my mental hospital bag checklist together before heading to the hospital. I couldn’t decide if I was excited or scared – I just knew that I was five weeks early and I wanted my little girl to be healthy.

Felicity and Grand-dean RSWe checked into the hospital around 8 pm. My pre-registration information was slightly screwed up. Apparently Ashley Sisk got mixed up with Addison Fish, so it took a minute to get that cleared up enough for me to head back to triage. The nurse assigned to us had been working since 6 am, but the hospital was flooded with women having babies that night so she stayed on board…at least to help me have a baby. I’m seriously convinced that it was so hot outside that the heat was melting mucus plugs.

In triage, our nurse confirmed that my water had broken. She also informed me that I was already 4 cm dilated. I think there was mention of pitocin if my labor didn’t progress…little did she know that my labor would progress so quickly. In fact, I had just finished telling her my labor plan that included an epidural around 5 or 6 cm. As soon as a room opened up, I was moved into a proper room.

My contractions increased with intensity every 2 minutes, then every 1 minute, until they were coming on so quickly I could hardly breathe. I went from 4 cm to 8 cm in probably an hour and a half (I lost track of time) – no time for epidural or drugs. The doctor showed up at 9:40ish, checked my cervix and then sat down to wait for me to dilate to 10 cm. It didn’t take long and they indicated to me that it was time to push.
IMG_8027 RS
I had no idea how to push a baby out, but I did feel the need to take a poop so I just went with it (if you’ve ever had a baby, you know what I’m talking about). If I remember correctly, my contractions consisted of four letter words that I try my best not to speak followed by “I’ve gotta poop!” Oh, and I kept reapplying my husband’s visitor sticker as if that mattered. Six painful pushes later (and plenty of screaming bloody murder – I’m pretty sure I scared anyone thinking about having a baby) and Felicity Morgan Sisk was born at 10:03 pm. If you’ve done the math, from the time I went into labor until her arrival = 3 hours. No drugs…100% natural…and still wearing my jewelry!
IMG_8018 RS
Felicity weighed 6 lbs, 3 oz and was 20 inches long. She has since lost a little bit of her body weight, but that is completely normal. Yes, she was born 5 weeks early, but she is absolutely perfect. Nope – I’m not biased at all. In the past week, we have been spending a lot of time working on a feeding schedule (or rather encouraging her not to fall asleep with every feeding)…thus the reason that it looks like I’ve fallen off the face of the earth. In fact, this photographing mama has hardly had a chance for a photo shoot, but I’m hoping to work on that this week.

With that said, it’s time for me to take advantage of some quiet time…in the form of a nap. Stay tuned for more photos and more stories (including going back to document my last shower). Hope everyone had a great week. See ya soon!

    Wow, so glad everything went well! So happy for you, and you are right, she does look absolutely perfect. :-)

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    She is absolutely beautiful Ashley! She just couldn’t wait to get out and be spoiled. ;) Enjoy your down time. Breathe in that sweet baby smell and stroke the silky smooth hair. It goes by fast.

    So beautiful Ashley! Glad she is well and you got to meet her so soon. Looking forward to seeing her grow. Congratulations!

    Oh my Ashley!!!! She is so beautiful! Congratulations to you! Take care & I’ll be looking for more posts…..once you’ve had some more snuggle time & rest!!! xoxo

    Truely a precious angel…She is just BEAUTIFUL!!! Love you both!

    Congrats!!!!! Wow…what an amazing birth story.

    And she is simply perfect in every way.

    Beautiful!! Awww…motherhood. Welcome to this new world…♥

    Oh my goodness what a wonderful happy story!
    She IS perfect.

    She is absolutely precious. I can really relate to your birth story as my second baby came two hours after my first contraction. I barely made it to the hospital in time and had to give birth without drugs. It was both crazy painful and exhilarating all at the same time. Take care and get some sleep. :)

    She’s so cute . . . a keeper for sure. Thanks for sharing your baby story.

    I’m so glad she was healthy! It’s a neat birth story that she’ll love hearing someday. You don’t have to be biased…she’s beautiful! get some rest mama!

    She is absolutely beautiful!!

    CONGRATS!!!! Omg she is precious! How exciting!!
    Thats crazy how fast she came!
    Ahh im so happy for you!

    That was very quick for a first baby! Pleased you are both so well. Schedules….none of mine would have any of it….
    Your last photo is especially delightful.

    Congrats Ashley!
    And girl, way to go. Fast labors where the water breaks first are supposed to be ( so I have been told repeatedly and do know) the most painful kind. You are super woman :)

    She’s just so beautiful, and the photos are amazing.

    That is crazy! You better be ready with any other babies, seriously the next one might be born at home. Congrats again, she is gorgeous and I am in LOVE with her name! It makes me want a 4th girl to name Felicity. Love it. :)

    oh she is absolutely adorable! Congratulations again, and I just love the name!!

    Congrats! Being a mom is wonderful! And I’m totally jealous of your 3 hour labor…mine was 30!

    She sure is perfect, what a little sweetie she is. My niece was born at the same time as your little one but she was 6 weeks early but doing well…My son was 2 hours birth, born 1/2 hour after arriving at the hospital so no time for drugs either…..Enjoy her while shes little they grow up way to fast…xoxox Tanya, NZ

    Wow that was quick for your first baby.
    She is a wee beauty – no wonder you are a proud mummy.
    Many congratulations to you all. :))

    She looks perfect.
    Congratulations to all of you.
    She was keen to come out!
    Take care, plenty of rest when she is resting. :)
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos. x

    She is absolutely beautiful. ♥


    Aww, congratulations. She is absolutely beautiful. And how amazing was you labour, you make it sound very quick and easy! ;) She was clearly just too hot hanging out on the inside. X

    Oh my goodness, she sure was in a hurry to arrive!! She’s absolutely beautiful Ashley, looking forward to seeing her little face around your blog ;) I hope Kitty Paw isn’t too jealous hehe x

    Congrats! My first was also healthy but 5.5 weeks early and it scared me silly! Re: feeding schedule…it took him 6 whole weeks to wake up, I felt like, but I figured that would have been time he should still be in the womb…so feeding schedule took a bit–or just keeping him awake while eating! I feel you on that! I also felt that because he was so early, I wasn’t mentaly prepared for ‘mommy’ mode and struggled more to adjust! But, he’s 3 now and I’m definitely in ‘mommy mode’ now! She’s beautiful!

    She’s so beautiful Ashley! Congratulations!

    Congratulations Ashley! She is beautiful!

    What a cute little lady! I am sooooo happy for the three of you!

    I had a three hour labor with my daughter as well!

    Congratulations! She is certainly a blessing.

    Congratulations! She’s beautiful and I’m glad everything went quickly and everyone is doing well.

    That is crazy! Like one of those tv perfect births! She is soooo adorable. Hope you guts plan on having abunch if babies because I have never heard of someone whos body seems more perfect for laboring and delivering a baby. I can’t wait to see more photos of your cutie!

    Beautiful!!! Glad things went well and yeah let the girl sleep.ha,ha.

    Can`t wait to see and hear more of this wonderful adventure.

    So glad you can now hold your precious – and beautiful – little baby girl in your arms. You did good!

    Oh wow! She came so quickly! She’s precious! Hope you’re enjoying your nap!

    Congratulations Ashley and Jeremy! She is lovely!

    5 weeks early & 3 hours- man I’m one envious mama right now. I’m SO glad she’s healthy & normal. The pictures are gorgeous and so is she. Glad yall are doing well. Hopefully Miss Felicity will have a playmate this week! Take care of yourself & try to get lots of rest!

    She’s gorgeous Ashley. Congratulations on a healthy, beautiful baby girl!

    Fresh from heaven! Just beautiful, Ashley!

    She is beautiful! So happy for you and your husband.

    Congratulations! She’s so beautiful

    Congratulations Ashley! Blessings to you three and the new little family you have. Having a daughter is the best and most precious thing in the world and I am over the moon for you both :)

    Wow, what a gorgeous little family Ashley! I am so glad everything went well, even though the timing was a big surprise. Your story sounds a lot like mine with my first, 3 hours and done and no time for meds. But fast is the way to go if you as me ;) If you ever decide to have another, be ready to race to the hospital. My second was even faster.

    Enjoy your sweet family. Wishing you all many blessings :)

    I just love reading birthing stories& this one was no exception. I was in tears about one third of the way through and by the end I was basically planning my next pregnancy lol. Thanks for sharing a beautiful moment with us, it’s very much appreciated. &Congratulations to you and your family. <3

    YAY!! So happy to hear her birth story. I can not wait to meet that little girl of yours. You look awesome for just having a baby. Congratulations again!

    Congratulations! She is absoulutely beautiful! Your story sounds similar to the birth of my first. Had my last day of work thinking I’d get some time off, then woke up at midnight endings 3hrs later with a boy we thought was suppose to be a girl! We just had our third, a girl, on the 13th and the whole thing lasted 2hours and my 2nd 45min, all of them 3weeks early… So if more kiddos are in your future be prepared for more fast natural deliveries! Good luck to you and your little family! Enjoy every moment of baby time because the get big WAY to fast! Congrats again she is perfect!

    such a big girl for being 5 weeks early. Glad she entered safely into this world. Snuggle her much and enjoy the newborn-time.

    What a precious little girl – congrats again, Ashley!! And wow, three hours from start to finish? That’s amazing! I also worked up until literally the day before I went into labor – I thought I had a couple weeks to relax before my girl came. But she had other plans! Thank you for sharing your story…I’m so glad all went smoothly and you have a beautiful, healthy baby. :)

    She is absolutely precious, Ashley. Congratulations! Your fast labor sounds like my SIL’s, who also planned on having an epidural, but whose labor went so fast that she didn’t have time for one and had to go 100% natural.

    Enjoy your ‘new’ family member. Felicity’s adorable!

    So very precious!

    So very precious!

    Congrats! She is beautiful. You better live at the hospital next time.

    Gorgeous and congrats! BTW, you are EXTREMELY smart to birth that babe 5 weeks early…who wants to be pregnant in THIS heat??!!?? :)

    Congrats! She is just perfect! Love her hair! :)

    She is a doll! Congrats and good luck with the next few weeks, and remember to sleep if you can!

    So happy for you and beautiful little family. Congratulations on ONE beautiful little girl. Love her name!!! I am thrilled for you guys. Can’t wait to see more. Big Huge Hugs!!!

    What a great story! Love the “..so hot it was melting mucus plus” part lol She is beautiful, congratulations and take care of yourself. Though I cannot wait for little Felicity to star in her own little photo shoot, I’ll be patient as I’m sure the rest of your readers will be.

    She is so gorgeous!! Fast labors are good :) Congrats, momma!

    Aw, she is so precious. I love how it happened – such a great story that you will cherish.
    Be warned – as easy as this delivery was, if you should have another baby, it will happen even faster!
    Thanks for sharing and bringing a big smile to my face this morning. God Bless.

    Congrats on a fast labor and a beautiful and perfect little girl, even if med-free wasn’t in your original plans. Felicity’s shot at the end is beyond precious, and I love the one of her with Jeremy. Now for pete’s sake lady, go get some rest! :)

    Happy to hear you have a healthy baby! She’s beautiful! Lucky you on the labor (I bet they told you for the next baby to get to the hospital ASAP!) Get LOADS of rest Ashley!

    she is absolutely beautiful and you did a fantastic job…yay mama!! Congrats to you and your family, enjoy every second of her! :)

    this story made me cry! So awesome! She is beautiful!! :) I LOVE LOVE LOVe that you were screaming and saying you had to poop! Becaue that is just what I envision me to be like! haha! :) Love it. She is so beautiful! I am so happy for you guys!! And I think i agree.. the heat melts mucous plugs (not mine, thankfully i am only 14 weeks)

    She’s beautiful! Congrats!!

    When I started laughing out loud Bennett said, “I want to see,” so I showed him Felicity’s picture. Then, he said, “what’d she say?”.

    He knew I wasn’t laughing at the picture.

    Way to go girl. You are blessed and she is beautiful!!!

    I am SO, so happy for you! How crazy that your labor progressed so quickly; though despite not getting your epidural I’m slightly envious. Your three hours or so sure beats the 17 I had. And you described that “need to push” feeling spot on. That was the hardest thing in the world to try to explain to a friend of mine who had her son not long after I did. She was a little taken aback by the bluntness, but oh well. Glad you and your beautiful girl are both happy and healthy!

    How absolutely wonderful!!!!! Absolutely wonderful!!!!
    She is beautiful!
    Loved reading your story …. enjoy her!

    Congratulations! She’s a beautiful little girl.

    Yay! I have been checking your blog for the last couple of days to see if you had posted this yet. She is just the cutest baby! Congratulations! And wonderful story. ;)

    She is beautiful and perfect! Lucky you a quick delivery! Well minus the pain and the swearing…lol!! Makes for a good birth story!


    Congratulations ! She is beautiful :) I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time with her .

    Felicity is beautiful! Congratulations!!! I do agree with the heat melting the mucus plugs ;) That’s way to hot to be pregnant! Haha :) I’m surprised they didn’t ask you if you wanted an epidural when you were at 4cm and or anytime in the hour or 1.5 hours before you hit 8cm. But you probably progressed fast enough where it wouldn’t have completely caught up anyway. They could have offered you something different for the pain though. She is here and you’re both healthy!! That’s all that matters :)
    Your story reminds me of when I was in labor with my first: A woman down the hall was screaming. I looked at my husband and said “We’re going home!”. Haha

    Thank you for sharing your story! I’m glad Felicity arrived healthy and she is beautiful.

    Congrats Ashley! I’m so glad she was healthy despite the early arrival. I kept wondering if the storm front would send me into labor…they say it can do that (I’m the one who also lives in the Triangle and is due Aug 3rd)…but no such thing happened. I’m still waddling around. Sigh. She’s beautiful. :)

    Congratulations and God’s richest blessings!!!!!!!
    greetings from Switzerland,

    Wow, no epidural, you’re a champ! Congrats on your beautiful baby!

    congrats… She is stunning,,,like her parents!!! Best wishes to all three of you.. and kitty Paws

    She is gorgeous! Congratulations!

    Congratulations, she’s beautiful :)

    The pictures that you have taken are gorgeous!! She is a STUNNING baby girl..truly stunning. Love her sweet face and her brown hair. She has way more hair than my little girl had. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Your taking WAY better pictures than I ever did. Glad you are starting to feel better and I think you are officially the only friend I have who was out and about when her water broke. Luck you! :) You rocked that labor girl!

    Congratulations!!! She is absolutely perfect!! So adorable!

    She’s absolutely beautiful, Ashley. Congratulations to you all and welcome, Felicity! xx

    Congratulations again! She is so beautiful!
    My niece was born 5 weeks early, was only 4 pounds 5 ounces and had to stay in the NICU for a week… so glad Felicity was perfectly healthy!

    Oh my gosh she is just beautiful and yes, “perfect”. Look at that divine head of hair. – Enjoyed your Birth Story a great deal.
    Congratulations to you and your husband and I can’t wait to see more photo’s of your precious little girl.

    Loved reading this. She is perfect!! Great job, Mommy!!! Get your rest when you can, that is the most important thing!!

    Oh Ashley, she is really beautiful and perfect in every way. I can’t believe 3 hours!! You had better park yourself at a hospital with the next one. I on the other hand had to have two c-sections – my cervix would NOT dialate or anything with or without drugs. I loved this little story and had a good laugh at some of it. Glad you are all doing well!!! I think I got baby eyes just looking at Felicity and I can’t even have them anymore, lol!! xo

    Congratulations! She is gorgeous. I can only hope my birth will be as smooth going as yours was.

    Beautiful! She just can’t wait to get out. You are just so lucky Ashely, only 3 hours of labor and pushing. Mine went for 22 hours or more for all my babies.

    CONGRATULATIONS! She is absolutely gorgeous and no you are not biased. Well done on the labour and have fun with your new loved one. x

    She is so beautiful!! I’m so very happy for you!

    amazing! She is just perfectly gorgeous. Love!! wish I was closer to come & take some pics of all the yummy baby goodness xx

    Congratulations, she’s beautiful!!

    Congrats Ashley! She’s beautiful.

    love love! she has her daddy’s hair color!

    congratulations. take all the time off you need. i completely understand.

    life is such a miracle! i loved you story..i started laughing and my 7 year old came over to see, he said, :mom why you laughing at her she is cute, that’s not nice =0)” you had the PERFECT labor and delivery! my second came so fast that there was not times for meds to kick in! she is so beautiful. thank you for sharing your moments with us! please tell dadddy congrats from the Hoffman family in PA

    She’s precious! God bless her. :)

    She is beautiful and I love her name. Congratulations! Enjoy mommy-hood :-)

    She is so beautiful! Babies come when they are ready, not when we are! Glad you didn’t have a long difficult labor. Might want to keep that in mind if you have a second one. :)

    She is just beautiful!! Really amazing photos! Will came 4 weeks early and I was totally unprepared, so I totally understand that feeling! Your labor was so fast, lucky you! Enjoy every second of that little baby, because they get big so fast!!

    She IS perfect! Beautiful like her mom. Thanks for sharing your delivery story and photos. 5 weeks early and only 3 hours in labor. Wow! Felicity couldnt wait to be in your arms. Enjoy her … They grow up goes so very fast.

    I love your birth story! What a whirlwind!!! Felicity is a sweet name and I love all the pictures, but love the last one most!!! She is perfect! Congrats!

    She is perfect and completely beautiful! Congratulations to you all!

    Wow! She is so beautiful!!! I remember that feeling of “what am I doing?!” when it was time to push – it just amazed me at how my body knew what to do even though my brain kinda did not. I am so glad to hear you had such a quick natural labor. That is such a gift. Hope you’re resting and enjoying this quiet time, it will be gone in the blink of an eye. And her name is beautiful :)

    I had to come back to look at your beautiful daughter again! Definitely baby fever over here!! She is so beautiful and perfect :) What an amazing blessing!!!!

    I also re-read her birth story and it sounds like you had a traumatic experience. I’m sorry!!!!

    Awesome birth story! I love it! Felicity is as beautiful as her name. I cannot wait for future family pictures. You, sweet lady, are a rock star!!

    Just incredible
    Just beautiful
    You are so blessed & she is so precious. Such beautiful photos — of you, your husband and Felicity — just perfect — like you all deserve. Cheers – and love!

    What a beautiful baby girl, so glad to hear that you are both healthy, and that you made it to the hospital on time. What a champ you are for doing it without drugs. I have not had a kids yet, but I’ve been around a while, and know that is painful. Lovely pictures!

    Congratulations and welcome to motherhood. Felicity is so beautiful.

    Congratulations! She is absolutely beautiful. Glad everything went so well.

    She is beautiful! Thankfully, you were already with your hubby and all ended in a healthy and gorgeous mom and baby! Hope you are feeling well and getting to know each other!

    She is absolutely precious!! Thanks for sharing your birth story with us. It brought back lots of memories!! xo

    So many parts of your birth experience sounded like me with my first child – except the use of 4 letter words – which I did not do, and am so inclined to do (maybe I’ve developed the use of them over the years of raising said babies – lol!). Felicity is absolutely gorgeous.

    Congratulations, she is absolutely gorgeous! btw P was the same way!! We were CONSTANTLY trying to keep her awake, waking her up to feed, waking her up while she was falling asleep at every feeding. It was the winter and all we could do was get her undressed and let her be cold!

    congratulations!! She is just too cute!

    Congrats on your precious baby girl–I can’t wait to see her grow up through your lens! :D

    Hi Ashley!
    Been absent for a while and suddenly you gave birth! What pure joy! And Felicity is such a special gift!

    She is beautiful! Many congrats :)

    She is adorable!! Congratulations and way to go on the delivery!

    What a story!!!!! She is just so perfect!!!!!! I’m so happy for you!

    You know- my first was very similar in a lot of ways. But it’s amazing how different the next two were.

    She’s here! I was not expecting to see her beautiful face when I clicked over here! Congratulations and what a wonderful birth experience – you’re amazing! Typing this with my newborn sleeping soundly on my chest = bliss! xx

    three hours? superwoman. ;-)

    Anyway, congratulations again. Those last photos of Felicity on the white blanket are stunning. I LOVE them!

    Oh Ashley, she is beautiful- that last photo of her is breathtaking! My labor with my baby girl was 3 hours long, too… she was 10 days early and my husband almost didn’t make it there from work! That was four years ago but I still remember how intense that was. We make our plans but God directs our ways- and He is so good at it… even though his plans are often quite different from ours!
    I’m so happy for you guys- I hope you are getting some much needed rest!

    3 hours! Holy cow. Congrats on the birth of your beautiful daughter. I love her name!

    YEAH Ashley!!!! Congrats!!! And congrats to no drugs…I didn’t have any for either of my girls! She is absolutely perfect! Sure wish that I was talented enough to take beautiful pics of my girls as newborns but I only have blurry, yellow pics!!! I sooo look forward to seeing more pics of her!!!!

    She is just beautiful!! Look at all that hair! And seriously, what a crazy birth story! I’m kind of jealous! Lol. Wish mine would have been over and done with quickly! Enjoy this time you have with her, which I’m sure you are. I can’t believe my little girl is almost 7 months when it seems like yesterday she was swimming in 0-3 month clothes.

    Wow, what a birth story! Congrats on a perfectly beautiful little princess! Can’t wait to see more photos of her!

    Your birth story sounds just like mine with my son a few weeks ago. From hospital front door to his arrival was 2 hours and 11 minutes. It was so amazing and intense. She is so perfect. Soak her up Ashley.

    Wow, what a great birth story!
    Congratulations on your beautiful little girl! She is absolutely adorable <3

    That sure was a baby on a mission! Congratulations Ashley, she is absolutely beautiful! I am beyond thrilled for you and your husband, yay yay yay!

    She is perfect, and I think you’ll look back on this birth experience as a magical one! Well done, Mama!

    What a story! Amazing, really. So glad everything went well. She really is a beauty! Congrats again!

    Congratulations mama!!! She is absolutely gorgeous!! I hope that all is well with you and your growing family!!

    It’s a bit belated, but many congratulations to all three of you! She’s super cute! :)

    She’s divine, perfect!! Congratulations!!

    Best story ever! Ok, so everyone poops Ashley :) tee hee…

    So, when a friend of mine called me to tell me that her mucous plug came out I said to her, “Well, can’t you just call the doctor and have it put back in?”

    A’hem. I was a little baby clueless :)

    She is absolutely beautiful! Congrats lady!

    Congrats again Ashley (and family). Short labors are THE BEST and I’m so happy that you had such a great experience (even if you didn’t get your epidural), and that everyone is healthy and doing well. Enjoy Mommy-hood!

    She’s so beautiful!! :D That was a fast labour for your first… so if you’re planning on a second, beware. ;) My sil had a 20 min. labour for her fourth… and her first was a 4 hour.

    Huge congrats again! :)

    Oh my gosh. I can’t believe any of this. First of all, I have been so far out of the loop on here! you had her weeks ago!! And she came 5 weeks early, wow what a pregnancy story!! She is soo gorgeous with all that hair. I cannot wait to see more photos and now I will be in stalker mode on your blog :) Congratulations Ashley!! Get as much rest as possible and enjoy every.single.moment. And don’t over worry about the feeding schedule- it will work out :)

    OMG!!! Popped over to see how you were doing and check in…. OMG!!! I can’t believe she is here and she is GORGEOUS!! Great job and congratulations Mama!!

    She’s beautiful!! Congratulations and I love her name :)

    Oh, Ashley…she’s gorgeous! Congratulations!! I can’t believe I totally missed that your baby has already arrived…I’m so excited for you. I’m glad that she’s healthy, and doing well despite being 5 weeks early. Must’ve been sooo scary for you! She’s absolutley precious…I can’t wait to see her growing up <3

    How incredible – great story – and she is gorgeous – I saw the most recent post and had to backtrack to find this – I can’t beleive she was 5 weeks early – but who cares, she came out perfect! Congrats to you and your husband. Being parents has to be the most amazing thing in the world!! Beautiful shots of little Felicity and Mommy! SHe is a gem!

    I’ve been out of the bloggy world so long!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!