July 03, 2012
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Tutorial Tuesday: American Woman…or Baby
Welcome to Tutorial Tuesday! I know that you’re all patiently waiting for me to share pictures of my baby, but it’s Tuesday…which means it’s Tutorial Tuesday. Sarah of Naptime Momtog and I will be bringing you a new challenge every week, to stretch your shooting and editing skills. This week, as promised, I’m going to show you how to paint on the American (or any nationality for that matter) flag…specifically on a face. Remember this picture last 4th of July?
American Woman I was inspired by Elena’s self portrait magic trick – click HERE
  • In order to achieve this effect, you must first find a flag – I suggest just doing a random Google image search. I don’t remember where I found the one I used on my image above, but here’s a pretty good vintage one: click HERE.
  • Open your original image (I suggest a good face photo) and the flag photo into Photoshop.
  • Copy the flag image on top of your face photo – it should create a new layer. Lower the opacity of the flag image so you can see the face shot below it well. 
  • Re-size and move the flag on top of the face. Once you’re satisfied, increase the opacity back to 100%, apply a layer mask to that layer and fill the layer mask black to hide the flag. 
  • Now, use a soft white brush at about 20% opacity and gently start painting the area of your face white (within that black layer mask you just created). You should see the flag starting to emerge. I personally like to paint around the eyes and mouth so you get the illusion of actually painting your face. 
  • You can play with blending modes or whatever else you want from here, but the basic principle of the technique is relatively simple. Once you’re done playing, just merge your layers and save.

Just for fun, I thought I’d try this same technique on my daughter. Oh…I still haven’t officially told you her name. Let me introduce you to Felicity Morgan Sisk. Yes, she was 5 weeks early, but she is absolutely perfect. I am going to write my birth story either tomorrow or Thursday..or Friday – gosh, whenever I have a spare moment, so stay tuned for all the gory details. Okay, they aren’t too gory – I still live to tell the story. Here’s Felicity – my little American Baby (not to be confused with Felicity, the American Girl)!
American Baby RS
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Tutorial Tuesday


    Love it!!! She is gorgeous!!! Yours look way better then mine.

    May I be the first in blog ville to say I adore the name! Lovely, old fashioned, and so adorable of a child, even if she does have stripes on her face! LOL. Welcome to motherhood!

    Oh Ashley! She is so beautiful and her name is beautiful! Look at all her hair. I guess I didn’t notice in the other shots how much she actually has. I can’t wait to hear/read the rest of the story. It took me so long to actually blog after giving birth. . you are awesome! Welcome to motherhood! Isn’t it wonderful already!? =))

    Oh Ashley!!!! first…you look like a model!!! 2nd…Felicity is just too cute for words…love her name. And you can’t tell she is 5 weeks early. She looks really healthy. Congrats again!!

    Such a sweet name and darling baby. Looking forward to your baby story.

    Love the tutorial and your baby is so beautiful. Can’t wait to hear the story.

    The baby is gorgeous! And lots of hair! All my boys had heads full of hair too…what a sweet face! She looks like a good size to be 5 weeks early – and so alert! Can’t wait to hear the story!

    She’s so adorable. Love her load of hair xoxo

    Thanks for all the inspiration. You got me to actually point a camera at myself.

    Such a cute baby. Lots of hair. I love her name!!!

    Ooooh your little girl is just precious!!
    Soak up all those beautiful newborn snuggles :D

    She’s beautiful. And the name is perfect for her! God bless!!

    Aww, Ashley, she’s gorgeous! Welcome to the blogosphere, Felicity! :)

    Oh Ashley, Felicity Morgan is such a beautiful, perfect name for her! And like other commenters said, she looks like a good size, with lots of hair! Congratulations again, your daughter is wonderful! Keep more pictures of her coming!

    Love the name! My first was 5 weeks early, too! Scared me silly, but all was well! I’m glad the same is true for you. I do have to say that I’m a bit jealous that you’re now free from a pregnancy belly in this blazing hot heat! If only my little one would get my eviction notice. :) CONGRATS! I hope your transition is going smoothly for you.

    oh my goodness Ashley!! She is just so beautiful and adorable!! Love the name and I am so happy for you and your family!!

    And wonderful tutorial as always!!

    I just love her. And I almost NEVER say this, but I think she looks like Jeremy. ;)

    I love her name! What a beauty!

    She’s beautiful Ashley!

    Aww, she’s precious…and what a beautiful name! Congrats to you again! :)

    Aww! She is just the cutest thing! I love the name. I also love how you and Jeremy chose something unique and not an everyday common name. Can’t wait to hear her story ;)

    She’s gorgeous & I am literally waiting on pins & needles to hear her birth story!

    So happy for you and she is adorable!!!

    Felicity is a lovely name! And she’s so alert and adorable. :D

    Can’t wait to read her birth story. :)

    She is gorgeous Ashley!! Love the name too! Have a wonderful 4th with your little one!

    I have been dying to know her name… and Felicity is SO beautiful!

    Your self portrait is awesome! Felicity is so adorable, love all that hair :)

    She is absolutely gorgeous! Love all that hair! Can’t wait to try this out!

    Beautiful, beautiful baby girl! Love her name!

    Oh, that dark hair! So, so sweet.

    Oh my, she is absolutely adorable!
    And so is her name!
    My niece was born 5 weeks early, too. :)

    What a beautiful name and baby!! Can’t wait to hear your birth story! did you even get a minute to relax? Wow girl!!! Last I read you were going on leave to prepare. so much for best laid plans, right? She looks wonderful and alert!!

    What a beautiful little baby girl, your Felicity is. Congrats again and we will look forward to your return and delighting us with all the “gory” details. Happy 4th!!

    She is so precious, and that is such a pretty name!! Can’t wait for more photos!

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    Felicity is such a pretty name, congratulations. Lovely edits for the tutorial.Cheers

    Oh she’s so precious, and what a beautiful name! She mustn’t have wanted to miss out on your 4th of July celebrations ;)
    Looking forward to hearing about her arrival xx

    Awe, she’s adorable all that hair! Love the name ;0) So she’s already home and everything? I know you must be tired and happy and happy and tired!!! Congrats!!!

    Precious! Love the name!

    OMMMMMGGGGGOSH. Felicity is a sweet angle face! Congrats Sisk family, you to Miss Kitty Paw)

    Felicity – such a very pretty name for your little beauty :D

    Beautiful baby girl!!! Congratulations Ashley!

    Now for the tutorial —- I’m stuck. I’ve added the layer mask, (I have PSE10), but when I select my brush tool & try to paint my face, NOTHING happens????? What am I missing?
    Your tutorials are always so spot on, so apparently I’m missing something somewhere.

    SO ADORABLE!!!!!!! Love the name too! Congrats ;)

    BEAUTIFUL ASHLEY!!!!!! Love her name! Welcome to the blogging world sweet angel! (I can’t believe you are pulled together enough to be getting posts done!)

    Lose internet services for a few days and off you go and have a gorgeous baby girl. Congratulations! You both look fabulous.

    Love her name!!!! She is so cute.

    LOVE the name! It’s my middle name and I go by it in blogland (Flyss). I’ve always loved the name, how it flows off the tongue and its meaning. Many congratulations!! x

    Your daughter is beautiful! And I love love lover her name!

    Congrats on your little one! She’s perfect. =)

    she is so sweet! I can’t wait to see her w/out a flag on her face! ;) Blessings!! ;)

    ps LOVE her name!

    Congrats Ashley!! She is amazing! My daughter was 5 weeks early too and also perfect. ;) Best part is that you got to skip the whole last month of pregnancy! Can’t wait to read your birth story. XO

    LOVE her name, Ashley! She is beautiful and I cannot wait to read your birth story. :) She looks great with the American flag :)

    Holy cow!! Congrats, Ashley!! She is so beautiful!!

    Felicity is adorable. Congrats to you and hubby.

    What a cool idea! Can’t wait to see photos of the baby!

    These are gorgeous! And I adore her name! What a gift she is!!! :) Congrats again sweet mama!!

    Welcome Felicity, such a wonderful name! And her hair :-) Sweet.