August 29, 2012
Wittle People Wednesday
Wittle People Wednesday
Welcome back to “Wittle People Wednesday.” As I mentioned last week, for the past few months, I’ve really struggled with creativity. I’ve lacked inspiration and it’s showed by my lack of posting. Now that Felicity is here, I just can’t afford to let days, weeks or months go by without picking up my camera (not that I’ve ever gone a week without picking up my camera, but I haven’t been picking it up just because). And since I can only handle one “theme” type of challenge (for me, that’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday)…and I can’t help but pick up my camera to photograph Felicity, I thought it’d be fun to start something that was all about sharing photos of your “wittle ones.” I only have two rules if you want to join me.

1) Only share photos you took yourself.
2) Don’t steal any photos shared through this meme.

I should also mention that your “wittle ones” can include your own children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren and/or clients…as long as you were the one holding the camera. With that, I’ll hush and get to the pictures.

Felicity smiles in her sleep

Yesterday, I went back to work – well, back to work for a few hours. One of my roles when I worked full time was to debrief personality and 360 feedback reports for one of our programs. When I left to be a Stay at Home Mom, I decided that I would still help out with these programs as much as I’m able. I wasn’t originally planning on working this particular session, but since Felicity arrived early, I gave it a shot.

So, my husband stayed home with Felicity while I worked a few hours (I’m working a few more hours today). It was his first time keeping her for more than two hours alone. And since she’s a bit of a clinger right now, I was slightly nervous to leave them. Needless to say, he did just fine without me (as good as can be expected for a two month old).

As you might imagine, I was ready to get my hands on my baby…and she was ready to take a nap. I had my camera nearby when she started smiling in her sleep. LOVE IT!

Close up smile shot

That’s all for today. Feel free to link up and have a great Wednesday!

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