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Wittle People Wednesday - Ramblings and Photos

August 22, 2012
Wittle People Wednesday
Wittle People Wednesday
Welcome to the first edition of “Wittle People Wednesday.” For the past few months, I’ve really struggled with creativity. I’ve lacked inspiration and it’s showed by my lack of posting. Now that Felicity is here, I just can’t afford to let days, weeks or months go by without picking up my camera (not that I’ve ever gone a week without picking up my camera, but I haven’t been picking it up just because). And since I can only handle one “theme” type of challenge (for me, that’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday)…and since I can’t help but pick up my camera to photograph Felicity, I thought it’d be fun to start something that was all about sharing photos of your “wittle ones.” I only have two rules if you want to join me.

  1. Only share photos you took yourself.
  2. Don’t steal any photos shared through this meme.

Now, without further ado…allow me to share a few photos of Felicity that I haven’t shared before.

Felicity, Children

Felicity, Children

Felicity, Children

Felicity, Children

Notice that I didn’t include much of a description (well no description) for each photo. Truth is that most times, I photograph my daughter for no other reason than she’s looking cute. I don’t expect anyone else to provide a story either – just pick up your camera and photograph all the wittle people you love. To clarify – this does not have to be your own children as long as they are children that you photographed (ex. clients, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, etc). Now, with that in mind, I’ve got to photograph another wittle person today. Stay tuned for a sneak peek later in the week (I hope) of Zan…he’s one year old!

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    Ok you said it has to be of your child…what if you are childless but take tons of pictures of your cute dog…who is like taking care of a child…can we use those?

    awww what a lovely little baby ….. I always love the tones in your pictures they are so bright and fresh!

    I so enjoy the photos of Felicity!! She is just too cute!! Maybe I’ll go over and take a few of Emmett to share today. He’ll be six months old on Monday and his daddy will be 21 on Tuesday. It just goes way too fast!!

    I love this idea!!! :0) I am going to try to join in!

    Adorable captures, btw!! I was so excited I forgot to comment on them ;).

    She’s such a sweet baby! My littles aren’t so little anymore. So I love living vicariously through your pictures. :) Now I need to pull out a couple scrapbooks to remember when my babies were babies.

    Too adorable!!! It’s perfectly normal to want to capture them & all their cuteness for no other reason than they are just too cute. You will be happy you did when they are teens.

    She is too cute! Love the last one. :D

    Such sweet photos. She looks so peaceful. Love all the “pink” , so girly.

    Aww such cute pictures of your cute little doll. Love the tongue in the first one. Always have to wonder how babies can sleep all stretched over funny like in the last shot.
    Thanks for this great new linky Ashley. Neat idea.

    Felicity is such a doll! Beautiful photos, as always!

    These are so precious. She is getting so big!

    This is a great idea, Ashley! Felicity is such a beautiful baby!!