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Bow Ties or Pearls? - Ramblings and Photos

September 21, 2012
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Bow Ties or Pearls?
Bow Ties or Pearls?
Last weekend, I was asked to photograph a gender reveal party. This was my first time attending a gender reveal party, so I was thrilled to be a part of it. Raleigh, NC Party Photographer
What made this party even more special was that it was for my friend and dental hygienist, Kristie (and her husband, Todd). Kristie has been cleaning my teeth for the past five years. Over that time, we started running into each other at the gym…and later learned that we both graduated from Peace College. They are now expecting their first child. Since Kristie plans on staying at home with her new baby, I guess this means I’ll be getting a new hygienist…but I hope that we’ll remain friends as we both try to navigate the world as Stay at Home Moms!
Raleigh, NC Party Photographer
Anyways…the theme for their gender reveal party was “Bow Ties and Pearls.” Although Kristie and Todd found out the gender of their baby 10 days prior to the party, they invited all of their friends and family over to guess the gender of their baby before their big reveal.
Raleigh, NC Party Photographer
Interestingly enough, most of their friends and family were convinced that they were having a boy. Heck, Kristie thought she was having a boy (at least that’s what she thought the last time I had my teeth cleaned). All of the old wives tales pointed towards boy. She hadn’t been sick, she’d been craving salty foods and she appeared to be carrying low. But, as I found out in my own pregnancy, none of that stuff matters.
Raleigh, NC Party Photographer
I was convinced she was having a girl. In fact, I brought a girl gift just in case (I left it in the car until I knew for sure). My husband asked what I would do if it was a boy. My response…I guess I’ll have to send something later.
Raleigh, NC Party Photographer
As you can tell, if you thought they were having a boy, you selected a bow tie…if you thought they were having a girl, you selected a pearl bracelet. I enjoyed watching people try to scope out the house for clues. Todd was wearing a blue shirt and bow tie belt while Kristie wore a gray top and pearls. I have to admit that they did a fantastic job of keeping their home gender neutral as to not give away the big surprise.
Raleigh, NC Party Photographer
Finally, at 4 o’clock, they called everyone into the living room. Todd and Kristie sat center stage with a small package in their laps. I could see the anticipation building on their family’s faces. Although you can’t really tell by the photos, Todd was very careful about opening this special package.
Raleigh, NC Party Photographer
It’s a GIRL! It’s a GIRL! It’s a GIRL! Look at all of those happy faces. You can’t see my face, but I actually teared up a little bit. Even with so many boy guesses, a girl will be blessing Todd and Kristie’s lives in January.
Raleigh, NC Party Photographer After the big announcement, Kristie’s father stood up to share a few words. He reminded Todd of the speech he gave to him when he (Todd) asked for Kristie’s hand in marriage. He told him then that he could have her hand if he never left the county. He told Todd that he’ll now have the joy of his own little girl. I can already see Todd fast-forwarding 18-25 years…college, wedding…oh my! Raleigh, NC Party Photographer With all that said, I am really thrilled for Kristie and Todd and so glad that I could be there to share this special occasion. Now, I can’t wait to meet their baby girl – if I’m lucky, maybe they’ll ask me to take a few photos.

From one new mom to another, congratulations!


    What a great theme! We did a Gender Reveal Luncheon with close friends and family. We had the ultrasound teck seal the gender in an envelope and we gave it to a close friend who made us a cake. The only person at the party that knew the gender was the cake maker. We had people guess what they thought we were having and give us some name suggestions. When we cut into the cake we were just as surprised as everyone else.

    These parties are always so fun to see, and Todd and Kristie’s was so well done and beautifully decorated! Little girls are such fun, and I love that you guessed correctly! We didn’t do a gender-reveal party because there was no way to predict Georgia’s reaction ahead of time, and we didn’t want to embarrass her in front of a bunch of family/friends. And no 3 year old can keep a secret. :) As it turned out, I was glad we had her in the ultrasound room because it’s taken her a long time to get excited about the prospect of a little brother (her heart was set on a sister).

    Aww. how fun! Maybe if we have more and are living in the Raleigh area I can do a gender reveal party and have you take photos. :)

    You did a wonderful job capturing the event and what cute ideas!!!

    That is the cutest and sweetest thing! I have heard of these, but haven’t seen one documented with such adorable decorations. What a fabulous idea! Love this post, and of course, your photography is beautiful of the event. :-)

    Awww- how sweet. I love this idea.

    So precious. We revealed with a simple picture and balloons. Family was already certain we were having a girl. I, apparently, was the only one stuck on boy. I was wrong