September 05, 2012
Wittle People Wednesday
Wittle People Wednesday
Welcome back to “Wittle People Wednesday.” I’m so glad to see that at least a few of you are enjoying my new link up. I was so excited that I created a new banner and button. I mean, I was going to post pictures either way, but it always helps to have friends. It’s kinda like when we pulled up to the gas station this weekend to grab a drink – my husband asked what I wanted. I really wanted a slushy but drinking a slushy by yourself isn’t nearly as much fun as drinking a slushy with a friend. I know – I’m psychotic like that.

Anyways, if this is your first time linking up, I only have two rules (and one suggestion):

1) Only share photos you took yourself.
2) Don’t steal any photos shared through this meme.
3) Suggestion: copy and paste my new button to your blog so others know you’re participating (I couldn’t figure out how to create a code box for wordpress – well I did, but it didn’t work).

I should also mention that your “wittle ones” can include your own children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren and/or clients…as long as you were the one holding the camera. This week, I’m going to slightly bend the rules since my husband was holding the camera for the first two shots – I did the editing. With that, I’ll hush and get to the pictures.
We recently added a toy to Felicity’s car seat to distract her while we got her buckled in. I could lie to you and say we did it as some sort of entertainment device, but it’s really more for our sanity. She seems to like it. Score!

After running a few errands, we came back to the house for a nap. These days, I take a nap with Felicity. She prefers to lay on my shoulder. In fact, if she doesn’t start there, she climbs her way up there. If you’re wondering why the buttons on her onesie are unsnapped, it’s because this particular outfit is a bit snug. However, since my friend Beth bought it for her, I had to be sure she wore it at least once…preferably on game day. So for that, we win.

Felicity Black Dress
On Sunday, Felicity wore her the “little black dress” that our friend Sarah Halstead gave us when she came over for Felicity’s first newborn photos. Since Felicity is still in newborn clothes (at least for another week), it was a perfect fit. I didn’t happen to take a picture of myself, but I decided to wear a matching outfit. Apparently with motherhood, I re-earned my dork card.

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That’s all for now. I look forward to seeing your wittle ones and I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!