October 31, 2012
Wittle People Wednesday: Happy Halloween!
Wittle People Wednesday: Happy Halloween!
Welcome back to Wittle People Wednesday and Happy Halloween!. Felicity just turned four months old…can you believe it? Of course, that means a well visit including weight check and vaccinations. She’s up to 13 lbs…clearly, she’s enjoying mama’s milk. On the other hand, she did not enjoy her shots. I’m actually writing this post with her laying right beside me. If her two month shots are any indication of how her four months shots will be…she’ll sleep it off for a couple of hours, then wake up screaming. I gotta take advantage of any time I have now. So, I apologize if I haven’t been visiting your blogs lately – I really do hope you understand. I am pretty good at “liking” stuff on Facebook though so we should connect there. And of course, if you want fresh photos of Felicity, be sure to connect with me on Instagram.

If this is your first time linking up, I only have two rules (and one suggestion):

1) Only share photos you took yourself.
2) Don’t steal any photos shared through this meme.
3) Suggestion: copy and paste my new button to your blog so others know you’re participating.

I should also mention that your “wittle ones” can include your own children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren and/or clients…as long as you were the one holding the camera. With that, I’ll hush and get to the photos.
Felicity 1 Month to 4 Months
Just in case you weren’t sure that Felicity is growing – I put together a little collage (thank you Jill Samter for the suggestion). I don’t always realize that she’s gotten bigger until I look back at the photo I took the month prior. When she hits a year old, I’ll be sure to put these in one massive collage.

After I took Felicity’s four month photo, I changed her into something a little more comfortable…until she put on her costume. I was hoping for a little more excitement but I guess you gotta take what you can get. HA HA

Later in the day, we changed into our Halloween costume. Do you see Felicity? She’s one of the zebras (on the left). Apparently the zebra costume was quite popular amongst our group, but all the babies looked darling.

With that said, Happy Halloween! I’m looking forward to seeing what your wittle people have been up to. Maybe I’ll see a few costumes?

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That’s all for now. I look forward to seeing your wittle ones and I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!


    Oh my that costume is so cute on her!

    So, so adorable.

    I love the watch me grow! And she just gets cuter and cuter. the zebra costume is so adorable, I can’t to see the little ones dressed up tonight!

    I love the collage! She really has gotten so much bigger ;)

    I love the watch me grow set. It is so fun to see her little personality showing through. Such a cutie pie!

    Very cute pictures. I love documenting the same pic by the chair with Paisley too!

    Oh, she is so cute and getting so big! I wish I had used some sort of stuffed animal to take the month pictures like you did and I did for Hannah. You can tell so much better how big they are getting that way.
    She is growing very well. Harold is 8 months and still only 15 pounds.
    Thanks for the linky.

    That collage is too adorable!! :D

    My goodness, she has grown. We have our grandson coming this weekend, and from what we have seen in photos, he’s a very mobile little guy!

    Awww. So adorable. She is getting so big. We need to get together soon!

    She is just adorable! I love the zebra costume :)

    Try taking vitamin C a few days before she gets her shots. Taylor had a really hard time with his first set, but a friend (and La Leche League leader) suggested the Vitamin C. I tried it, and he didn’t have any trouble at all with subsequent vaccinations.

    Oh Ashley, she is so beautiful!!! And I definitely noticed she was growing on FB/IG :) Sooo glad you are on IG now because most days that is all I have time for. I miss the “old days” of blogging sometimes! Hugs!

    She is adorable! I love her costume and those blue eyes.