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Felicity's First Christmas - Ramblings and Photos

December 29, 2012
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Felicity’s First Christmas
Felicity’s First Christmas
With the exception of my own childhood, this Christmas was the best Christmas I’ve had in a very long time. I can only imagine how much fun Christmas will be in the future as Felicity and her future sibling(s) get older.
At six months old, Felicity could really care less about receiving gifts. In fact, she’s rather clueless when it comes to the whole concept of Christmas. However, she really loved to open gifts…or rather chew on the wrapping paper.

While they are a bit of a chocking/cutting hazard, her absolute favorite thing about Christmas was (briefly) chewing on wrapping paper and bows. Sure we could have just opened the presents for her, but what’s the fun in that?

Even though she may have been clueless about the whole gift-giving ritual, that did not stop her grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc from buying her more than any six-month old could ever dream of. In fact, we actually re-wrapped a few gifts we received before she was born that she’s yet to use for her to open on Christmas Day. I promise we weren’t trying to be cheap – I did buy her a 10 week music program that starts in January (that definitely wasn’t cheap)…we just knew she’d be receiving a ton of gifts. I’d also like to believe that she needs nothing more than her mama. A girl can dream, right?
Here’s one of those gifts we re-wrapped…a baby stroller/walker. She’s still a little young for this one, but she’s showing strong interest in walking so this will be fun in a few months. If only it had a brake pedal, I could make it a stationary spot for her to pull up.
In the meantime, her daddy and I will serve as backup support.

One thing that I’ll take away from our first Christmas together as a family is that you can never take enough pictures. I’ve also made a note to self to teach my husband a few more things about photography over the next year so that I can be in more shots. He’s doing pretty good with the knowledge he currently has, but I’m going to teach him even more!
Oh I don’t know, this photo of me and my little girl is priceless. With moments like this, I will always and forever cherish our first Christmas together as a family. And with that said, here’s to many more! Cheers!


    First Christmas is always so fun! I can’t believe she’s six months already! So cute! That last photo is just priceless. :-)

    Too precious! We celebrated a first Christmas, also; but at two weeks old, the festivities were lost on her. Love the photos of Felicity enjoying her present (bows and paper are tummy, right?). She really is adorable.

    Looks like you had a wonderful day. I love the shots of her eating stuff. Too funny. Thanks for sharing-almost feel like I was there

    Love it! A sweet memory this will be for Mommy and Daddy.

    So, so sweet!

    What a lucky little girl to have a mommy who is so talented and interested in documenting these special milestones via photos and writings! I enjoy your posts and know that Felicity will cherish them one day, too!

    LOVE these! We dont buy the boys many gifts because they get a TON from their grandparents. :)

    How wonderful! Felicity really looks like she is enjoying herself :) And you and yours have a whole lot more iChristmases n the future that will only keep getting better. Happy New Year!

    She’s so beautiful! I hope you enjoyed your first Christmas.

    Happy New Year Ashley!!! These are great shots of Felicity and her first Christmas. Love them all!
    By the way, our little wore the same sleeper this year for her first Christmas! Too cute… :)