December 28, 2012
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Top 12 of 2012
Top 12 of 2012
I can’t believe that 2012 is over. It seems like just yesterday that I was announcing my pregnancy…and now I have a six month old! 2012 really was a year worth remembering. Truth be told, I’m equally excited to share my top 12 photos with you as I am to see what your year looked like (especially considering I missed most of it due to my new full time job aka MOM). There are no prizes this go round, but here’s how it works:

  • Go through your 2012 photo archives.
  • Choose your favorite TWELVE photos and post them to your blog or Flickr account through Thursday, January 3rd.
  • PLEASE only use photos that include YOUR CHILDREN and/or PETS.
  • Accompany each photo with a short explanation (or caption) of why it was selected.
  • Link up with Amber at Click.Pray.Love, Sarah the NapTime MomTog, or me at Ramblings and Photos.
  • Be sure to include the 2012 Top 12 banner or button in your post.

Now let’s get to some photos – I hope you won’t mind if I start my year in June…and if Kitty Paw takes a break this go round. While she’s definitely still a loved member of our family, Felicity hogged the spotlight. Little stinker!
IMG_8018 RS
This is one of the first photos I took of Felicity when we came home from the hospital. She was so tiny that we had to roll her newborn gown sleeves up several times. A few days later, my mom sent some preemie gowns which fit much better.

Our Little Family RS
Lucky for us, Sarah Halstead and her family were in town shortly after Felicity’s birth. Interestingly enough, we’d talked about doing my maternity photos during this visit. I remember telling her that we better do them sooner than later because I wasn’t so sure I’d still be pregnant by this point in the summer (or just too miserable). Thank goodness she did take my photos earlier, right? I’m even more thankful that she was in town to take our first family photo.

Felicity smiles in her sleep
This is still one of my favorite photos of Felicity for the year. She was almost 2 months old and still wearing newborn clothes (She was 9 lbs, 8 oz at her 2 month checkup). I remember just wanting to watch her as she slept – so sweet. Okay, I still watch her.

This is one of the first times we ever captured Felicity smiling on camera. We would live for the moments where she’d give us a big smile…and that we captured it on “film” is just priceless. Love it.

Both my husband and I love love this photo. I have a vertical version on her first year calendar…and one framed…and a magnet…and some wallet sizes laying around. Maybe next year I’ll get more creative, but I love this first Halloween costume.

I don’t remember if I shared this exact photo or not. This is Felicity and her cousin, Logan. My mom wanted her grandchildren in their Christmas pajamas for a Christmas card. I told her that if we waited until that night, she was definitely going to have a crying baby shot – she thought it’d be perfect. Needless to say, everyone who received her card…LOVED it.

I can’t forget this shot – I really love this onesie. Actually, I think I need to order some onesie extenders just so she can wear this one again.

Can you tell that I was really having fun with this one? Like mother, like daughter. Just wait til she has longer hair and I’m taking “hair blowing in the wind” photos.

Another favorite – Felicity’s Great Aunt Teresa gave her this cute tutu and I’ve been waiting nearly six months for her to be able to sit up and wear it well. So glad I waited because this shot turned out almost exactly as I imagined it.

Sisk Family Portrait
Ahhh, a family photo. We took this one in front of our family cabin over Thanksgiving. It then became our Christmas card this year.

Felicity in Stripes
Someone said to me after seeing this photo, “hey Ashley, ya think that bow is big enough?” Why yes…yes it is big enough. Actually, have you seen high school and college girls wearing bows again? Apparently it’s back in style. Felicity is just trying to keep up.

Finally, Felicity’s first photo with Santa. She won’t remember this moment beyond pictures, but I was absolutely thrilled to capture this moment. And what a beautiful Santa he was. We’ve already decided that brunch with Santa will be an annual thing. I can’t wait!

With that said, I’m going to refrain from going into a photo explosion…especially since I have Memories, Dreams and reflections coming up in a few days. Until then, link up your own favorite shots from the year. With any luck, I’ll be sure to look at every single one of them. Have a great weekend!