February 08, 2013
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Bellamy Cate: Newborn Preview
Bellamy Cate: Newborn Preview
Last week, I met a very special little person…Miss Bellamy Cate!
Welcome Bellamy Blog
Bellamy was born on January 22nd at 11:42 am…all 6 lbs, 19 inches and tons of hair! I only thought Felicity had a lot of hair.
IMG_4084 RS
And much as I expected, this beautiful little girl had her parents wrapped around her little fingers. Remember this shot between mother and daughter in the nursery that I posted on Sunday.
IMG_4118 bw RS
Unlike a lot of newborn sessions you see floating around the internet, my sessions tend to be less about capturing the perfect newborn portrait and more about witnessing two people fall in love all over again. I hope that love is reflected in these shots.
IMG_4185 RS
Starting here…one of my favorite shots. I also have a vertical version of this photo and I love them both.
IMG_4195 bw RS
Or this moment between a daddy and his daughter. Watching this couple together before Bellamy’s arrival, I know how much love this man has for his wife. However, the love he has for his daughter is more precious than gold.
IMG_4260 RS
Bellamy is one lucky little girl to be born into such a loving family.
IMG_4320 RS
You know, if you think about it…that’s all any baby really needs…love. Sure, it helps if you have a place for the baby to sleep, food for the baby to eat (aka mother’s milk), and a ton of diapers and wipes…but looking at my own child, I know that love is all she ever really needs. Bellamy has that part covered!
IMG_4222 bw RS
With all that said, Todd and Kristie – congratulations! You guys are already incredible parents and I am looking forward to watching Bellamy grow up through my viewfinder. Enjoy the snuggles, soak in all the tears because one day, you’ll wish you could rewind life and replay some of the most exhausting and incredible moments of your life.
IMG_4335 RS
Until next time,
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