Playtime with Zan
Playtime with Zan
I’m sure some of you are hoping I’ll post pictures from Felicity’s birthday. I hate to disappoint you, but today is all about Zan.
IMG_1271-2 RS
I met up with Zan and his mother last Monday afternoon at Pullen Park, in Raleigh.
IMG_1365 bw RS
I’ve been shooting Zan since he was just a few days old. The last time I saw him, he was 12 months old. He’s grown up quite a bit over the past nine months. He’s also a lot faster.
IMG_1423 RS
Like most mothers, Zan’s mom wanted to capture Zan’s brilliant personality in action. We thought a little playtime at the park would be perfect to do just that. We started with the carousel (who doesn’t love that), then jumped on the train.
IMG_1404 RS
Although you don’t see her, Felicity was in tow. Once a client is about six months old, I tend to take her along. This will probably change when she’s a little older, but right now it works pretty well. she loves watching older children…she was in awe of Zan.
IMG_1499 bw RS
After our “choo choo chugga chugga” ride, we raced over to the boats. Zan looked like he was having so much fun.
IMG_1503 RS
By the way, it was hot as snot outside. Just thought I’d share that.
IMG_1522 RS
From the boats, we ran over to the playground. Notice my terminology…raced…ran…yep, Zan doesn’t slowly go anywhere. This photo on the left, would you believe he was getting a wardrobe change? That’s about the only way I was able to capture him still.
IMG_1563 bw RS
One of his favorite things to do is to climb up the stairs…and then climb back down. Nope, no personality there. HA HA
IMG_1524 RS
And the whole time I’m shooting him, I’m getting a glimpse into my future. Felicity has only been walking a few weeks now, but I imagine she’ll be running in no time. Yikes!
IMG_1585 bw RS
To end our afternoon, Zan’s mom thought it would be fun to capture Zan eating a popsicle. I would have had one too, but thought it might be difficult to shoot and eat. Zan, on the other hand, really enjoyed it.
IMG_1602 RS
Believe it or not, even though he’s wearing a lot of popsicle on his face, he did eat it all. I quite prefer the messy look myself.
IMG_1596 bw RS
Oh to be so young. I can’t wait to meet up with him again in August for his 2nd birthday. If you have any fun ideas we should try, please send them along. Otherwise, come back on Friday. I’m hoping to have a preview of Felicity’s first birthday up by then.

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