July 07, 2013
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Scavenger Hunt Sunday
Scavenger Hunt Sunday
Welcome back to Scavenger Hunt Sunday. This past week has flown by. Between Felicity’s first birthday party and the fourth of July, I feel like a month has gone by. I must be having fun because time is FLYING by. Next week, I’ll be sure to share a few photos of Felicity’s first real experience with fireworks. It wasn’t technically her FIRST fourth of July, but last year she was only days old…and we were in the hospital being monitored since she wasn’t gaining weight. It’s kind of amazing to me how much life has changed since then.

But enough of that. Let’s get back to the hunt. For those of you who didn’t participate this week, but want to participate next week…next week’s list is sponsored by Leanne at Arrow Acres Farm. I hope these prompts inspire you!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

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The rules are simple:
  1. Anyone can participate.
  2. You’re encouraged to take five new photos this week for the challenge. Creativity is also encouraged!
  3. If you get stumped, you may use one photo from your archive (although I’m not too strict about it – I do my best to take fresh shots).
  4. Link up here on Sunday (or Tuesday at the latest) – you can use the button above.
  5. Leave comments for at least five entries around yours (with so many new participants each week, it’s the only way I know to be inclusive
  6. Have fun!
Without further discussion…here are my interpretations this week:

1. Red

Red RS
I bought Felicity these cute red shoes on sale earlier this week. She kinda hates wearing them…and since she’s just learning to walk (and walks better barefooted), I don’t force the issue. At least they make for a cute photo.

2. White

White Cat RS
This is my friend, Michelle’s, cat…isn’t he beautiful (I think it’s a he)?

3. Blue

Blue RS
Gymboree (the store) has the best bubbles. Our library uses them at the end of story time. I’ve been wanting to get some at home. Well I finally got some – and like I thought, they make for beautiful photos. I can’t wait to do a session using them.

4. Stars

Stars RS
One of the gifts Felicity received at her birthday party was a starlight turtle (or whatever they’re called). We opened it up the other night to see how she would react to the stars. She couldn’t quite figure out how it all worked – she kept trying to wipe away the stars on the carpet.

5. Sparkle

Sparkle RS
I didn’t try too hard to do anything spectacular with sparklers this year, but my husband did bring out a few to share with Felicity. She thought it was all pretty cool. Now, my attempt to capture fireworks – blah. I need to try harder next year.

So, what were your interpretations of the items this week? Be sure to load your pictures on your blog (or your Flickr photostream) and link up at the bottom of this post. Feel free to grab a button to display on your blog along with your scavenger hunt items. The linky will be open until Tuesday night at midnight (EST). If you didn’t participate this week, but want to participate next week, the items below are sponsored by Leanne at Arrow Acres Farm.

  1. Relaxing
  2. Inspiring Person
  3. Written Words
  4. Memories
  5. Best Friend

If you’d like to contribute items to the list, just send me an email with your suggestions (I can better keep track of them this way). Each week, I will select one reader’s prompt list and give the selected reader a shout out on my blog during Scavenger Hunt Sunday.

Happy Shooting!


    Exceptional photos this week, love them all especially the bubble!

    Oh you were able to capture some fabulous macros this week!

    Love that red!

    love the stars, we used to have a turtle like that for Dino. what a gorgeous cat and what a great pic of the sparklers

    Outstanding set of images. I really like the blue.

    These are gorgeous! Love Felicity in the star glow, so precious!

    You had stars on those shoes too. Tis the season for barefeet. She’s way ahead of you!

    Um….does Kitty Paw know you’re sharing a different cat’s picture? Hasn’t been much of KP around at all.

    LOVE the bubble photo!

    Those shoes are adorable! I love that bubble.

    Wonderful pictures! Love the sparkler!

    Those Red Shoes are really cute, to bad Felicity isn’t
    “into them” at the moment.
    Wow that White cat is gorgeous. I’ve always wanted an all white cat.
    Has Kitty Paw met this cat? – Give her a hug for me, miss seeing her.
    Your Stars shot was so fun, those toys are really cool. Coleen has a Penguin that has stars like that and she loves it, but then again she has a million stuffed animals and loves them all!

    that bubble is so cool! & what adorable red party shoes. Kids really DO better without shoes… but once in a while I’m sure Felicity will learn to enjoy party shoes. If only they were larger, she could loan them out!!

    All of your shots are great. Those red shoes are adorable! I’m sorry Felicity isn’t too excited about wearing them, but the picture is adorable!