August 02, 2013
Bellamy is Six Months Old
Bellamy is Six Months Old
Last Saturday, I met up with sweet Bellamy to celebrate her 1/2 birthday.
IMG_4376 RS
Bellamy is one of my “watch me grow” clients and I can’t believe we’re already half-way through her first year.
IMG_4379 RS
She looks just like her mama, so everytime I see her, I feel like I’m looking at mini-me. Adorable!
IMG_4445 RS
One of the things we wanted to try during this session was a mirror. Babies are so fascinated with their own reflection at this age. Bellamy very much enjoyed playing with the girl in the mirror.
IMG_4484 bw RS
Granted, she has now reached the age where she won’t automatically smile for the camera. No worries, I do love a challenge.
IMG_4566 RS
But look, there’s a smile.
IMG_4621 RS
And then there’s mommy – she lights up when she’s in her mother’s arms. Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be?
IMG_4688 bw RS
Another shot we wanted to try was this one, where mom and dad squish Bellamy’s face together with a kiss. I think it turned out pretty sweet.
IMG_4713 RS
One of the things I love about this family is that I get to shoot the whole family. I know for certain that I don’t have enough family photos of my own family, and I’m so glad that this sweet family is capturing their lives together at each of Bellamy’s milestones.
IMG_4767 RS
Here’s Bellamy with her daddy – you can already tell that she has him wrapped around her little baby fingers.
IMG_4801 RS
Wardrobe change – Bellamy’s mama brought this adorable two-piece swim suit for Bellamy to model during our photo session. At this point, Bellamy was more interested in chewing on her music thingie.
IMG_4963 RS
She did allow us to take it away, but she wasn’t really happy about it.
IMG_4993 RS
So I let her fuss while I photographed her feet. Even at six months old, baby feet are always sweet.
IMG_5043 RS
We then ended our session with another family shot. Bellamy is clearly the focus of this shot…but look at those legs. LOVE!

With that said, I hope you enjoyed the preview. I’ll be sharing a recent newborn session in the next few days. Until then, come back on Sunday to join the Scavenger Hunt.

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