A couple of weeks ago, I shared photos of newborn Jack. If you missed that session, click HERE.
IMG_5263 RS
During the course of that session, we took a break so that Jack could eat. I allowed his mama a little bit of privacy and took big sister Layla off for a mini photo session.
Jack Newborn_15 RS
Layla started Kindergarten this year…in fact, I think her first day was pretty close to Jack’s birthday.
Jack Newborn_18 RS
I also learned that she has done a little bit of “modeling” for clothing designer Patsy Aiken.
Jack Newborn_19 RS
Either way, I felt like it was important to connect with her. Being a big sister is such an important job…and when all the focus seems to be on a newborn baby, it’s nice to have a moment that is all yours.
Jack Newborn_11 RS
I’m pretty sure Layla was happy to have the camera all to herself for a little while – she certainly knew how to work it.
IMG_5238 bw RS
And I enjoyed photographing such a beautiful model.

Thanks all for today. I have several sessions to edit over the next couple of weeks so come back often to see what I’m up to.

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