Welcome Baby Jack
Welcome Baby Jack
Last weekend, I met up with an old college friend to photograph her beautiful family of four.
IMG_5144 RS
We’ve been chatting on Facebook for the past couple of months awaiting the arrival of her second child, Jack. He was a bit late, but he finally arrived on July 21st.
IMG_5180 BW RS
And here he is – so sweet and sleepy. He handled his first photo session like a pro.
IMG_5263 RS
His older sister, Layla (I hope I spelled that correctly), was so proud to hold her baby brother. I had a mini session with her while Jack was nursing – I’ll have to be sure to share those another day.
IMG_5291 bw RS
I’m so glad that Melissa contacted me to photograph her family. It’s been such a treat to reconnect with my Peace College sisters over the past couple of years that I’ve been in business. It’s amazing to watch these young women (including Melissa) become beautiful young mothers.
IMG_5299 RS
One of the things I love about my newborn sessions is that I get the chance to see love in action. For example, in this shot, you don’t even see Melissa’s face but you can tell how much she loves him by the way she strokes Jack’s face.
IMG_5339 bw RS
And then there’s baby feet – who doesn’t love baby feet?
IMG_5313 RS
At one point, Jack’s daddy and sister ran to the car to get a diaper (or something like that). I told Melissa to enjoy the quiet of the moment with her newborn. In that moment, he fell asleep and began sucking his thumb. It was too sweet not to capture.
IMG_5355 RS
When his daddy came back, we made sure to capture a few of just the two of them. I don’t know why, but I love to cut off dad’s head for this type of shot.
IMG_5387 RS
Big sister was quick to sneak in.
IMG_5401 RS
Now the whole family – this is one of the shots I think should be blown up.
IMG_5506 RS
Finally, we wanted to capture Jack in a cradle that has been passed down in his family for over 100 years. Such a classic and such a beautiful family.

Thank you again Melissa (and family) for inviting me to share your family for a couple of hours. I hope we can reconnect again soon!

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