Zan turns TWO…and a BIG Announcement
Zan turns TWO…and a BIG Announcement
Last Tuesday, I met up with Zan and his family at Sarah P. Duke Gardens to celebrate his 2nd birthday.
IMG_7491 RS
As always, he was full of life…and not so interested in sitting still (for very long) or looking at the camera.
IMG_7496 RS
He’s two though so I wouldn’t expect anything different.
IMG_7544 BW RS
While I had the whole family together, we thought it would be nice to capture a few family portraits. I have a few more to edit, but I love this one on the left.
IMG_7560 bw RS
In between family shots, I would try again to capture a smile from Zan. Much like Amelia (from my post on Friday), he has become a fan of the word NO. So, to get these two brilliant smiles was a Christmas miracle.
IMG_7606 RS
The no fail solution to getting a smile – allow Zan to run! This sweet boy does love to run and I haven’t gotten a good workout lately. Hey – who needs to work out when you’re chasing toddlers?
IMG_7660 RS
Can you tell that we were trying to get him to stop running? These looks really say it all!
IMG_7675 bw RS
These moments of stillness were very short lived.
IMG_7707 RS
And truth be told, I do love to see a happy boy – so let him run!
IMG_7746 RS
So, in my title, I mentioned that there was a big announcement…
IMG_7785 RS
They’ve already shared it on Facebook, so I’m happy to announce that in February, I will have two new clients…TWINS!
IMG_7778 RS
I am so thrilled for this family and can’t wait for the twins to arrive. Congratulations!!! And Zan, Happy Birthday big brother!

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