September 13, 2013
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Last weekend, I met up with my friend Jenn and her dog, Jasmine.
IMG_8862 RS
I’ve known Jasmine for as long as I’ve known Jenn – we met my first year in college.
IMG_8887 bw RS
Jenn was a year ahead of me, but we immediately hit it off. We were inseparable…so much so, that I earned a key to her apartment so that I could take care of Jasmine once in a while.
IMG_8875 RS
Now Jasmine…used to run like the wind. On one occassion, I was to go to Jenn’s apartment to let Jasmine out. I didn’t think much of it and let her out to use the bathroom.
IMG_8878 RS
If memory serves me correctly, she saw a squirrel and took off. Luckily, I was 19 or 20 years old…and had enough energy to chase her. I learned a very important lesson that day – never take Jasmine out without a leash!
IMG_8888 bw RS
Jasmine isn’t so fast these days. Much like the rest of us, she’s gotten older. Not that any of us want to think about it, but the chances of Jasmine (or Kitty Paw for that matter) living as long as we do are very slim.
IMG_8980 RS
So I suggested to Jenn that we take this opportunity to photograph the two of them together. Of course I’m not a pet photographer (if you find a photographer who specializes in this area, they tend to be pure genius), but I do love to photograph families.
IMG_8964 RS
And much like the families I tend to photograph, Jasmine gave me a good run for my money. I’ve determined that dogs are like toddlers – they require patience, bribes and silly noises.

Either way, I had a blast. I’m so glad we could schedule this session. Here’s to many more happy years with Jazzy Jazz! I love you girls!

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