Mermaid Maddie Turns ONE!
Mermaid Maddie Turns ONE!
Earlier in the week, I shared photos from my nephew’s birthday party last Saturday. On Sunday, we attended another first birthday.
Party Details Collage
That’s right – Felicity’s best friend, Maddie, turned one too! And her mom pulled out all the stops for the most perfect and precious mermaid themed party. It seriously looked like something straight out of a magazine.
IMG_9482 RS
From the moment I walked in the door, I knew it was going to be a spectacular party…and it started with a huge smile from the birthday girl herself. Since Felicity was still snoozing in the car, I had a few minutes alone with Mermaid Maddie. She must have known the day was all about her – she lit up the room.
IMG_9506 RS
Before the other guests arrived, I took a few minutes to capture party details and a family “portrait.” Don’t they all look so happy?
IMG_9552 RS
As the party animals started to arrive, Maddie decided to cut loose. She was having a blast rolling around on the floor and showing off her latest tricks. Maddie is definitely the outgoing one between her and Felicity – I’m hoping some of those social skills will rub off. Meanwhile, I’m sure Michelle hopes that a little bit of Felicity’s “stranger danger” rubs off on Maddie. That child does not know a stranger.
IMG_9590 RS
Although this stranger is her grandfather. Apparently, party balloons taste good. HA HA
IMG_9596 RS
Felicity was glad to have her daddy at the party. You only thought she was tight with her mama…she loves her daddy just as much.
IMG_9573 RS
Maddie also likes Felicity’s daddy – they both wanted to be held.
IMG_9606 RS
After a while, it was time to sing “Happy Birthday.” Maddie loved being the center of attention.
IMG_9617 RS
Of course she wasted no time getting into her own special cupcake. She thought it was DELICIOUS!
Cake Smash Collage

All that said, we had a fantastic time at Maddie’s birthday and can’t wait to see where the years will take us. Happy Birthday Madeline!