Baby Lincoln: Newborn Session Preview
Baby Lincoln: Newborn Session Preview
Last week, Felicity and I met ten day old Lincoln for the first time.
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I think I mentioned in my last scavenger hunt post that I don’t normally bring Felicity along to newborn sessions, but knowing that Lincoln had an older brother (Sebastian) a year older than Felicity, I thought the two might be able to entertain one another. Thankfully, they did.
IMG_2187-2 RS
But before they could play, we wanted to capture a few of Lincoln and Sebastian together. I love this particular shot. It’s one of a series that I plan on processing. Their expressions are priceless.
IMG_2256 RS
Sebastian was quite concerned about Lincoln’s belly. He kept saying “it’s hurt.” Very sweet.
Once we were done with the brother photos, it was Lincoln’s turn to be photographed from head to toe. He kept giving me the one eye look as if he was too curious to shut his sweet little eyes. No worries, I just refocused on his teeny tiny body parts.
IMG_2276 RS
From there, we captured a few of him with his mama. She loves her boys so much. Love this one of her kissing on his toes.
IMG_2296 bw RS
In between shots, I got to snuggle with Lincoln. Felicity sat on the bed with me while I snuggled. I expected her to be a little jealous, but she just sat close to watch. Don’t get too excited though, no plans for number two just yet.
IMG_2324 RS
He really was so sweet and I’m so glad I was able to capture him. Before you know it, I’ll be back in a few months for family photos and he’ll look like a completely different child. Time flies too fast!

That’s all for today. Have a great weekend and I’ll see ya on Sunday for the scavenger hunt!