Bellamy: 9 Month Old Preview
Bellamy: 9 Month Old Preview
On Sunday afternoon, I met up with Bellamy and her family for a few photos.
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Bellamy is already nine months young! Hard to believe that just a year ago, I was photographing her before she had even been born (maternity photos)!
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This go round, we met at a local park to take advantage of the beautiful fall foliage.
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I love how mom and dad are wearing chambray, while Bellamy is dressed in hot pink. We all know who is really in charge, but when you’re wearing a hot pink owl romper, you’ve made sure we don’t forget!
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One of my favorite things about portrait work, specifically my “watch me grow” clients, is being able to document a family together as they “grow up.” Ya know what I mean?
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From expecting parents who are full of hopes and dreams, to new parents who are completely exhausted, to being nine months in…singing and laughing and loving every minute of it.
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It really is, by far, the greatest “paid” job I could have ever dreamed of. And clients like Bellamy make every day so joyful!
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I often feel as though I’ve become an extension of the family. In most cases, I’m friends with my clients outside of what I’m “paid” to do.
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But enough about me! I had an incredible time hanging out with Miss Bellamy the other day and can’t wait to get together with her again soon. In fact, I do believe we’re only a few short months away from a first birthday.
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