Happy Birthday Liam!
Happy Birthday Liam!
Yesterday, Liam turned ONE!
Liam 12 Months_002 RS
Unfortunately, I was not able to spend his birthday with him…but I was able to spend the afternoon at Pullen Park with him and his family on Sunday.
Liam 12 Months_005 RS
When I first arrived, Liam was sound asleep. I’ve been around Liam quite a bit over the past few months, so I wasn’t too concerned – they tend to last about 15-20 minutes. This time, his father wasn’t so sure…apparently Liam was in the midst of a growth spurt.
Liam 12 Months_018 RS
No worries – it gave me and his mother, Anna, a chance to register for Pullen Park’s “Winter Wonderland” or whatever they call it.
Liam 12 Months_013 RS
When we got done, he wasn’t quite awake but he was close…so we gathered our things and found a nice grassy knoll.
Liam 12 Months_026 RS
As you can tell by the photos, we had quite a good time. First off, Liam’s dad turned his military trunk into a toy box. It seemed only fitting to take photos of the whole family with it.
Liam 12 Months_040 RS
We also gave Liam a chance to show off his newly found walking skills.
Liam 12 Months_046 RS
Luckily, he’s not so fast yet that I can’t keep up with him…unlike some of my slightly older clients that make me chase them around.
Liam 12 Months_062 RS
After leaving our grassy knoll, we spent some time by the red caboose that they have on display…and the swing sets. He really loved swinging – but who doesn’t?!
Liam 12 Months_102 RS
Finally, we took a ride on the choo choo train. Those trains are NOT made for an entire family to sit in one seat, but we worked it out.
Liam 12 Months_106 RS
I didn’t include it here, but at the end of our time together, we ran into a man with a parrot. How random right?
Liam 12 Months_052 RS
All in all, it was a fantastic day and I’m so glad I got to celebrate with this sweet family. Happy Birthday Liam!