January 29, 2014
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Happy 1st Birthday Bellamy!
Happy 1st Birthday Bellamy!
You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy, when skies are gray…
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This past weekend, we celebrated Bellamy’s first birthday. The theme – “You Are My Sunshine.” The menu was complete with sun chips, marshmallow clouds, raindrops (yogurt melts), mud puddle soup (hot chocolate), rain water, and sips of sunshine (lemonade). Of course there were also cupcakes – I’m sure there was a clever name for them, but I can’t seem to find it amongst my pictures.
Bellamy's 1st Birthday-7 v2 RS
In the past few weeks, Bellamy has taken off to a full walk. She’s been cruising for a while, but much like Felicity, she decided to let go just before her birthday. Her mama posted a short video clip of Bellamy walking laps around the main part of the house. When I arrived at her party, I had a chance to see the whole thing first hand.
Bellamy's 1st Birthday-18 v2 RS
Miss Sunshine looked adorable in her birthday onesie, matching tutu and hair bow. Just look at that sweet face…no wonder her parents call her sunshine.
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Once most of Bellamy’s birthday guests had arrived, we all moved into the kitchen for birthday cake. Of course, we made sure to capture a shot of the whole family together first.
Bellamy's 1st Birthday-83 v2 RS
She wasn’t such a fan of the birthday kiss.
Bellamy's 1st Birthday-138 v2 RS
How about the look she’s giving her mama? This girl trips me out.
As you might expect, I took a ton of photos of the actual “cake smash.” We weren’t quite sure what to expect of Bellamy when it came time for cake. Some babies love cake and dive right in…others (like Felicity) won’t even poke at it. Once Bellamy had her first taste of icing, she was all about her cake. Yum. Yum.
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By the time Bellamy was pulled away from the cake, she’d “eaten” about 1/3 of it. Had it been any other night, I’m sure Bellamy would have been up all night. My guess is that with all of the excitement, she still managed to fall asleep somewhere close to her usual bedtime.
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Either way, I think this face says it all.
Present Collage
From cake, we went into the living room for presents. Like all children on their first birthday, she was pretty happy playing with the wrapping. Look at those smiles though – she was having a blast.
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So much fun! Happy Birthday Bellamy! I will see you in a couple of weeks for your official birthday photo shoot.

Until then,
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