January 23, 2014
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The Cleaning Lady
The Cleaning Lady
I am not a natural “homemaker.” Luckily, I married “Martha Stewart” and he’s a genius when it comes to anything related to cleaning. I figure if we train Felicity early, I really won’t have to lift a finger 10 years from now.
Cleaning Like Daddy 1 RS
I kid, I kid. Felicity is actually a bit scared of the vacuum cleaner. It has a lot to do with the noise…and the frequency (or lack thereof) in which it’s used. For Christmas, Santa brought her a Minnie Mouse vacuum. So when her daddy decided that the house needed a quick clean, I pulled it out for her to tag along.
Cleaning Like Daddy 2 RS
Interestingly enough, this was all she needed to get over her fear of the vacuum cleaner…and it made for a cute photo op. Win-win!
Cleaning Like Daddy 3 RS
Until our next adventure,

Ashley Signature

    A cute photo op, indeed. Daddy and daughter together are adorable.

    That is precious! I think it’s very important that we teach our small people how to do things around the house. I joke (sort of) that I am working myself out of a job by teaching my kids to do everything around here. I want them to be better keepers of their homes than I was when I got married.

    I love that your husband cleans! Mine does too, which then makes me feel a little guilty since I’m a SAHM. :) I don’t stop him though. Sweet that Felicity loves to help! Train them early! :)