February 19, 2014
Bellamy: One Year Old Lifestyle Session
Bellamy: One Year Old Lifestyle Session
Last week, I shared Bellamy’s “smash cake” photos. This week, I wanted to share her lifestyle session celebrating her first birthday. Her mother and I have been going back and forth for a few months discussing the best way to capture Bellamy turning one…during the cold month of January. I searched Pinterest and suggested we stay at home and recreate some of the scenes we started with when I shot Bellamy as a newborn.
1YrOld Bellamy_049 RS 1YrOld Bellamy_052 RS
Between balloons and bouncing on the bed, we had more fun than I think we’ve had with any of our other sessions. In fact, I’ve decided that all of my clients should do a “bouncing on the bed” session as part of their “watch me grow package.” Okay…just a suggestion, but they are fun! Notice how much Miss Bellamy has grown between the shot on the left and the one on the right.
1YrOld Bellamy_059 RS 1YrOld Bellamy_064 RS
I’m actually kind of sad that Bellamy’s first year is over. The first year of any baby’s life is a joy to photograph, but Bellamy has really been a ray of sunshine. Luckily, Bellamy’s mom reminded me that “we’re not done growing yet.” Yay!
1YrOld Bellamy_075 RS 1YrOld Bellamy_070 RS
But enough of my commentary. Enjoy the photos!
1YrOld Bellamy_079 RS 1YrOld Bellamy_081 RS 1YrOld Bellamy_094 RS 1YrOld Bellamy_106 RS 1YrOld Bellamy_109 RS 1YrOld Bellamy_111 RS 1YrOld Bellamy_118 RS
Thanks again Kristie, Todd and Bellamy for all the giggles and wiggles. Your family is always such a joy to photograph and I look forward to seeing you all again in a few months.

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