April 02, 2014
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Let the Springtime Photos Roll…
Let the Springtime Photos Roll…
A couple of weeks ago, I took Felicity to have her photo taken with a bunny. NOT the big scary Easter Bunny that I took her to see last year – I’ve learned my lesson since then. However, I thought it might be cool to have her dressed in her Easter dress next to a cute furry bunny.
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Our mini session was supposed to be about 5 minutes long. We stayed for about an hour hoping to get something usable each time. I haven’t seen the photos yet, but I thought it best to go ahead and attempt a reshoot of my own.
7F1A5507 RS
Unfortunately, Felicity’s bedtime now conflicts with the golden hour…so, we did the best we could.
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These photos were taken at our friend Michelle’s house (well, the drive right beside her house). I was hoping to get her pushing this antique baby carriage around. I even filled it with Easter eggs, but she wasn’t so interested in it (which is interesting considering she is always trying to play with it at home even when we hide it away).
7F1A5529 RS
Nonetheless, we had a great time chasing our girls around and I’m fairly satisfied with how these photos came out. You know me though, I’ll probably throw this dress on again for another photo op between now and Easter Sunday. Actually, truth be told, this dress is a 3T so you’ll see it again next year.
7F1A5557 RS
Enough of me rambling though (this is what happens when I write my blog posts at 11 pm). Enjoy the photos and I’ll be back on Sunday with the Scavenger Hunt.
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Until next time,

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PS: In the event that you love Felicity’s dress…she is wearing Le Za Me – a brand my mom carries at The Red Caboose in Rocky Mount, NC. My husband and I are in the process of building a website for her business. Stay tuned!
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