Mary Adkins: 9 Month Old Preview
Mary Adkins: 9 Month Old Preview
Last weekend, I met up with the “H” family for the first time. Their daughter, Mary Adkins, is 9 months old…and happens to be friends with another one of my clients…Bellamy!
Mary Adkins - 9 months_05 copy
We immediately hit it off and took advantage of a beautiful day. Actually, it was overcast – which is PERFECT for photos.
Mary Adkins - 9 months_17 copy
Interestingly enough, photos weren’t the only thing the “H” family had going on last weekend. They also joined their church that day. MA’s mother told me that they made the mistake of telling their pastor that they were expecting a second child before the service. He went on to tell the entire congregation (including anyone watching at home since it’s televised) the news.
Mary Adkins - 9 months_41 copy
Thank goodness they’d already told friends and family their good news. HA HA…and here I am telling the rest of the world. Congratulations!
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I hope this will mean that I have another “watch me grow” baby starting this fall, but only after I get to photograph Mary Adkins again this summer.
Mary Adkins - 9 months_75 copy
So after we took some family photos outside, we went inside to play on the bed. I think I’ve said it before, but I think every family should do a “bed” photo session. They’re so much fun!
Mary Adkins - 9 months_79 copy
Then we checked out MA’s bedroom. Oh it is so sweet and she was happy to show me all her stuff – rather, chew on everything she could get her hands on.
Mary Adkins - 9 months_91 copy
We ended our session by putting Mary Adkins in her Easter outfit. Her mom’s goal was to get one photo. To be honest, I flagged several other images for processing, but when I saw this shot, I saw no need to go any further. Everything about it is perfect and I really do hope it gets printed/framed or even blown up on canvas.

Either way, I had a blast with all of you and I look forward to seeing you again in July! Until then,

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