April 17, 2014
Categories: Felicity
Under My Umbrella…ella…ella…hey hey hey
Under My Umbrella…ella…ella…hey hey hey
On Monday afternoon, it was still in the 70s…hence, the spring outfit. With threats of rain in the afternoon, I thought we’d go outside and play with an umbrella. Felicity wasn’t quite sure what to do with it beyond drag it around, but we had fun nonetheless. Here’s a few photos from our afternoon. 7F1A6501 7F1A6525 RS 7F1A6526 RS 7F1A6534 RS 7F1A6536 RS 7F1A6546 RS 7F1A6551 RS 7F1A6555 RS
Interestingly enough, I had her dressed in long sleeves on Wednesday after a torrential downpour on Tuesday night. Our weatherman indicated that the high would be 54…which is completely normal for February. I am SO ready for Spring to come and stay awhile.

That’s all for today and I’ll see ya again on Sunday.

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