May 13, 2014
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“Cuz I’m HAPPY!”
“Cuz I’m HAPPY!”
Yesterday, Felicity and I visited my mom.
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We always have a good day when we visit “Debbie” (what Felicity has decided to call my mom), but yesterday was especially great.
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And I should mention that I have a few other memories I need to share here (which means I need to edit them first), but I felt the urge to get to these photos immediately when we got home.
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It all started when we went to the back room to get something. I saw an old hat and asked Felicity if she wanted a hat.
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She squealed and then tossed off her hair bow to make room for the hat.
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The look on her face told me that she thought this hat resembled Pharrell Williams’ imfamous hat.
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From that point forward, she wanted to wear this hat…and no other hat would do. Especially not a girly hat.
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Needless to say, we took the hat home.
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And to think that up until a few weeks ago, she couldn’t stand the idea of wearing anything on her head. Good times!