June 04, 2014
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Playtime With Daddy
Playtime With Daddy

The weather over the past few days has been quite lovely. So lovely, in fact, that it has inspired my entire family (including daddy) to go outside and enjoy it! This weekend, after church, we decided to hit up the local playground for a little swinging action.
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Felicity LOVES the swings. 7F1A0553 RS 7F1A0557 RS

Actually, at one point, she had all three of us on the swing set at the same time. See the look on her face? That look says “mommy, swing.” So I took this shot and I jumped on the swing too.

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After swinging for awhile, we decided to see what else the playground had to offer. Felicity really wanted to play on the big kid toys. Her daddy helped her.
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Then we checked out the sandbox. I’m not a fan of sandboxes – they are way too messy and quite dangerous, but she enjoyed it for a few minutes. 7F1A0507 RS

Fast forward to Monday evening. The light was pouring into our bedroom and I couldn’t help but to take advantage of it. With a little encouragement, I got Felicity to show me how she runs and jumps into her ball pit.
123 Jump 1 RS

I love the way her hair stands straight up. 7F1A0598 RS 7F1A0628 RS

And then her daddy “wrestled” with her a bit. Can’t you just hear the giggles? 7F1A0633 RSI’ve been looking forward to these kinda days for a long time. Thank goodness that summer has finally arrived!

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