Mary Adkins Turns One!
Mary Adkins Turns One!
Last weekend, I had the chance to photograph sweet Mary Adkins’ 1st birthday.
MA 1st Birthday_028 RS
Her theme – the Hungry Caterpillar. Adorable!
MA 1st Birthday_020 RS
Apparently, I forgot to photograph Saturday. So, on Saturday, he ate CAKE…cupcakes! Yum!
MA 1st Birthday_022 rs
Speaking of cake – Mary Adkins LOVED her cake. And I was there for every moment of it!
MA 1st Birthday_006 RS MA 1st Birthday_061 RS MA 1st Birthday_068 RS MA 1st Birthday_074 RS MA 1st Birthday_083 RS MA 1st Birthday_086 RS
You like how MA is posing for the camera? I tell you what, if she keeps this up, I’m going to insist that she gets in front of my camera a lot more often!
MA 1st Birthday_096 RS MA 1st Birthday_103 RS MA 1st Birthday_119 RS
And we ended with a family photo. I don’t know if you can tell, but Mary Adkins’ will be a big sister in a few months. This may well be the last family photo with just the three of them. I’ll be sure to get another one in October of their new family of FOUR!

Happy Birthday Mary Adkins!
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