October 15, 2014
B Family Portrait Preview
B Family Portrait Preview
This past weekend, I met up with the “B” family for a little portrait session at UNC’s beautiful campus. We weren’t quite sure we were even going to be able to meet because of some rainy weather on Friday night, but the skies were clear and it was a beautiful day…once we actually got into place after a bit of traffic.
Burkhart 10-14_08 RS
Interestingly enough, as soon as we parked, we came up on a cemetery. Craig (dad) suggested we check it out. Had this session been at sunset, I might have paused, but it was a beautiful spot, so I said “let’s go.” Quite honestly, I don’t think you can tell in these shots.
Burkhart 10-14_04 RS
Jena (mom), said that the cemetery only made sense after what she went through to get a pumpkin. Apparently, when you go looking for a pumpkin late a night, in the rain, the only place “open” is a creepy old shack. The things you’ll do for a photo!
Burkhart 10-14_24 RS
Speaking of pumpkins…and cute babies…doesn’t Camden (baby) look a little bit like Charlie Brown? I really should have called this post “The Great Pumpkin Camden.”
Burkhart 10-14_34 RS
In all seriousness, it’s been a long since since I’ve seen the “B” family. When I first met Camden, Jena and Craig – Camden was 2 months old. He was all little and squishy and smelled of nothing but sweet baby. He’s now approaching his 1st birthday, and not that he isn’t all of those things, but man…time does fly!
Burkhart 10-14_31 RS
This go round, he was ready to walk for us. Okay, so he hasn’t let go yet, but he’s getting close.
Burkhart 10-14_36-1 RS
I think the last time I photographed Camden with his dad, he was being held…and wearing a tie. Still wearing a tie, but look at him sitting up like a big boy.
Burkhart 10-14_54 RS
You know, the great thing about the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s campus is that there are so many beautiful spots to stop and take photos. The Arboretum (I think that’s right) is one of my favorites. The entrance way screams for you to stop and take photos. I’ve also done graduation portraits here – just love it.
Burkhart 10-14_56 RS
Inside, there are tons of beautiful flowers. Of course, the ground was pretty wet so we weren’t able to do much, but what we were able to accomplish was fantastic!
Burkhart 10-14_62 RS
Like the candid photo of Camden playing with his parents…or here, standing with his pumpkin. Adorable.
Burkhart 10-14_72 RS
From there, we headed over to the Old Well. If you don’t take photos by the Well, I think it’s a crime. Unfortunately, you typically have to wait patiently to get the right shot because so many people are typically gathered around it. In our case, there were a bunch of runners celebrating with Krispy Kreme donuts. I have NOTHING against donuts – in fact, they could have shared. That said, if you can wait…you’ll always get the shot!
Burkhart 10-14_86 RS
Then there’s the green/park area behind the Well. This is another one of my favorite areas for photos.
Burkhart 10-14_94 RS
Finally, we ended our session with a walk and a kiss. Thanks again guys for a great morning and I look forward to seeing you all again very soon!
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