Boys Will Be Boys: “B” Family Portrait Preview
Boys Will Be Boys: “B” Family Portrait Preview
On Sunday, I met up with the “B” family at Joyner Park in Wake Forest for family portraits. It was a beautiful afternoon and the park was full of other families and photographers. Clearly, brilliant minds think alike!
Boyd Family 10-14_005 RS
A fun fact about this family is that I went to high school with both Travis and Stacey. Travis and I graduated in the same class; Stacey was a year behind us.
Boyd Family 10-14_010 RS
As we were walking up to our first spot, Travis mentioned that we haven’t seen one another since high school. I replied that we’re definitely not young anymore…and he said something about gray hair. I laughed and told him to speak for himself! My mom and grandmother always told me that you never have to go gray if you have a good hair stylist. I digress.
Boyd Family 10-14_034 RS
Years later…and these two have gotten married and now have two handsome boys. Finley is 4 years old and Henry is almost 1. One look at them and you know exactly who they favor.
Boyd Family 10-14_038 RS
Stacey and I have been talking about this photo shoot for months it seems…it may have even been over a year before Henry came along. So, you know how excited I was to finally photograph these guys.
Boyd Family 10-14_060 RS
I don’t know about other photographers, but I often scroll through Facebook and think “I would just LOVE to photograph that child.” I remember thinking that when I first saw Finley. This boy could easily be a model. Handsome and takes direction – a photographer’s dream.
Boyd Family 10-14_053 RS
Don’t get me wrong, Henry will be the same way…but he probably won’t take much direction for a few years. However, he was happy to show me his Orangutan moves. He also gave me sweet cuddles. There were a few times that he got upset and allowed me to hold him.
Boyd Family 10-14_068 RS
All the little boys in my life give me this special treatment. Felicity does too, but man…it is oh so sweet when a little boy hugs your neck or lays on your shoulder. LOVE IT!
Boyd Family 10-14_065 RS
Towards the end of our session, as the sun was setting, the boys needed a break from the camera so I took the opportunity to photograph Travis and Stacey together. Still in love after all these years.
Boyd Family 10-14_076 RS
After a few quick photos with Mom and Dad, the boys were back in front of the camera. Stacey wanted to make sure that Mommy and Daddy had some one-on-one time with each of the boys…and I thought it was a great idea.
Boyd Family 10-14_086 RS
Finley loved giving kisses. In fact, long after I got “the shot” he was still kissing his mommy. Meanwhile, Henry loved gazing at his mama while they played on the grass.
Boyd Family 10-14_101 RS
And we ended our afternoon with a little rough-housing. Travis tells me that nearly every night, they wrestle on the floor a bit, so it seemed only fitting to capture that.
Boyd Family 10-14_040 RS
Boys will be boys, but if I ever have a little boy half as sweet as these – I will be one lucky mama. Thanks Travis, Stacey, Finley and Henry for meeting up with me this weekend. You guys were amazing and I hope to work with you all again soon!

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