October 07, 2014
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H Family Tree
H Family Tree
Meet Amos and Ellen. Once upon a time, they met…fell in love…got married and started a family. Harris Family_12 RS That family started with Beverly who married Jeffrey. Hicks Family_32 RS   They have two children: Harrison (9) and Abby (7). Hicks Family_05 RS   These kids look normal…Hicks Family_16 RS   But I can tell you that after spending an afternoon with these two…and letting the “sillies” out, these two are way cooler than normal. Hicks Family_39 RS   Actually, I think goofy is a much better term. I love goofy. Hicks Family_50 RS   But they are also sweet. What a sweet family. Harris Family_24 RS   Then there is Kristie, Amos and Ellen’s 2nd daughter. Whitlow Oct 14_02 RS   You have seen Kristie on my blog many times now. Whitlow Oct 14_12 RS   Kristie is married to Todd. Whitlow Oct 14_22 RS   Their daughter, Bellamy is 20 months old….which means that she runs…a lot. Whitlow Oct 14_36 RS   Bellamy will soon be a big sister. Baby SISTER will be arriving in a few short weeks. Whitlow Oct 14_42 RS   If little sister is anything like her big sister…or her cousins..or her Aunt and Uncle…or her Mommy and Daddy, she too will be just as sweet as her “Granny” and “Poppy.” Harris Family_04 RS   I do love a sweet “Granny” and “Poppy.” Amos and Ellen were so clearly made to be grandparents! Harris Family_20 RS   And I’m just thrilled to have shared a moment (I mean, moments) in the life of this beautiful family. Harris Family_08 RSThanks for having me and I hope the next 40 something years are just as beautiful as the first.  

    What a wonderful pictorial tribute to a beautiful family………..so well put together it just needs binding and in a book! Those grands are so beautiful and growing so fast I’d never have known them since we don’t get to see them, need to do a road trip soon, after grand baby #4 comes and it’s not freezing up there ;-) Looking forward to more of these entries, sure seems to keep families in touch, never heard of it and not savvy enough to do more than read it but thanks for sending it and look forward to a safe delivery (sure looks like a boy the way she’s sticking out and looks dropped, guess we’ll find out for really sure soon)
    That’s the old method of determining the sex of the baby…hahahaha
    Love your family lots………Susan and Larry