October 14, 2014
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No Place Like Home
No Place Like Home
The other weekend, I took Felicity to Autumn at Oz. I’ve been planning the trip for monnths…going so far as to order a Dorothy costume on Etsy. Unfortunately, when it came time to hit the “yellow brick road,” it was entirely too cold to get a photo of Felicity wearing the dress without a coat.
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So, the other day, I took Felicity with me to a client photo shoot. While Liam took a snack break, I took a few photos of Felicity in costume.
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We didn’t have a dog to play Toto, so we brought along Felicity’s favorite stuffed horse (neigh), and I might have done a little photo-shopping to the brick path to imitate the yellow brick road – either way, I am really loving these photos and can’t wait for our next costumed photo shoot! 7F1A7732 RS 7F1A7740 RS 7F1A7748 RS 7F1A7749 RS 7F1A7746 RSI guess it’s true what they say…there’s no place like home!  

    We might have gone all the way to the “real” Land of Oz to try and get a super cute photo of Miss Dorothy on the yellow brick road, but I can’t imagine it could have been any cuter than these! Great job! Love them! And – the last one is perfectly what I envisioned at the end of Land of Oz!

    The heels!!

    Love. Swoon. Wow. Great visiting on a day when little miss is featured. I really must come back and say hello more often!