The “S” Family: Portrait Preview
The “S” Family: Portrait Preview
On Saturday afternoon, I met up with the “S” Family for a few family portraits…a combination of first birthday (next month) and Christmas photos if you will.
Stanley 10-14_04 RS
It’s been a few years since I’ve photographed this family. In fact, the last time I had them in front of the camera, Tommy and Stacey had just gotten engaged and I was very inexperienced. I’d like to believe they saw some potential in me…and I’m so happy they decided to come back to me after all these years.
Stanley 10-14_19 RS
Since that time, baby Addison has joined the family. Truth be told, I’v been wanting to photograph her for a while so I was tickled to finally have my chance. I’m not even sure these photos do her justice – she’s such a beautiful baby.
Stanley 10-14_14 RS
Of course, I had to ask – who does she look like? HAHAHA Now, I am NOT trying to be rude…it’s not that her parents aren’t attractive, but right now, she doesn’t seem to look like either one of them (with the exception of maybe her daddy’s bald head). I’ve been told that she looks more like her grandfather or uncle.
Stanley 10-14_23 RS
She’s also quite active, which I guess is to be expected – I mean, she will be turning 1 next month. While we were together, she made sure to show me that she could crawl (FAST) and she’s not far from walking by herself.
Stanley 10-14_36 RS
But enough of my ramblings – you didn’t come here to hear me talk, you came to see beautiful photos of this wonderful family. I had so many favorites that it was hard to choose…so enjoy! Stanley 10-14_40 RS Stanley 10-14_55 RS Stanley 10-14_58 RS Stanley 10-14_69 RS Stanley 10-14_66 RS Stanley 10-14_86 RS Stanley 10-14_93 RS
Thanks again Tommy, Stacey and Addison for spending the afternoon with me. Your little family is so beautiful and I hope to see you again soon!
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