“B” Family: From 4 to 5 in 2014
“B” Family: From 4 to 5 in 2014
Saturday afternoon was simply beautiful. Okay, it was a little chilly…but it is November. It was one of those days that I was glad to have a client session – and especially at sunset. I was even more excited that that client session was with my dear friend, Pam and her family.
Bailey Family Fall 2014_08 RS
Pam and I go way back…14 years. Gosh, we’re old. I met Pam during my first year of college. I was rooming with a girl who went to her high school (we grew up in the same general area). We knew many of the same people so it seemed only appropriate for us to be friends too.
Bailey Family Fall 2014_10 RS
And friends we became…even roommates (house mates) at one point in time. And over the years, I’ve attended her wedding and watched her family grow. We get together every November and May for photos since her oldest was born in November and her current youngest was born in May.
Bailey Family Fall 2014_20 RS
She’s now expecting #3! Baby Zeke will arrive in December. If all goes according to plan, December 26th. I see a big Christmas in their future!
Bailey Family Fall 2014_14 RS
So this particular portrait session was particularly special. Not only were we to capture a photo worthy of the annual Christmas card…and photos of Judah to commemorate his 5th birthday, but Pam also wanted a few maternity photos. A tall order, but nothing I can’t handle.
Bailey Family Fall 2014_30 RS
And overall, I think we accomplished each of those tasks well. The boys looked ADORABLE in their little red hats (which I believe should be worn all winter long) and Pam photographed beautifully.
Bailey Family Fall 2014_32 RS
Interestingly enough, many of my photos of Judah have his “cheese” face. I should note that I don’t typically say “cheese.” In fact, I try to avoid it. But, I’ve learned that almost all kids learn this word as it relates to photos. Even Felicity does it.
Bailey Family Fall 2014_42 RS
No big deal – we still got some great shots.
Bailey Family Fall 2014_48 RS
I should also mention that Joyner Park was flooded with families and photographers. When we arrived, a wedding was about to start. I’ve NEVER been to Joyner when there was a wedding. I mean, it’s a beautiful place to get married – I’ve just never seen one there. So we had to dodge a lot of other people. There was only a little bit of cloning.
Bailey Family Fall 2014_51 RS
One of the funniest things that happened was asking Mack to look up at the camera. Apparently there was something on the ground that he was much more interested in…and none of my usual tricks would grab his attention. So, when we would say “hey Mack, look up.” He would literally look UP!
Bailey Family Fall 2014_64 RS
Always a good time!
Bailey Family Fall 2014_68 RS
Anyways, congratulations once again Pam, Gray, Judah and Mack. I’m looking forward to meeting Baby Zeke. Until then, enjoy being your little family of 4.
Bailey Family Fall 2014_72 RS
Until next time,

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