November 10, 2014
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The “B” Family: Portrait Session Preview
The “B” Family: Portrait Session Preview
On Saturday morning, I met up with the “B” family for some quick family portraits. As it turns out, quick was all we needed – this family is so beautiful and photogenic that they nailed it within a little more than a half hour. These are some of my favorite shots, but I could have easily posted every single shot in their gallery.
Boykin Family 110814_05 RS
For one…these kissing cousins are way too cute. Okay, so they will probably kill their mothers for this later, but right now, they are adorable.
Boykin Family 110814_19 RS Boykin Family 110814_20 RS
Then I love this group hug with G G. When I took this shot, I immediately knew it was a winner.
Boykin Family 110814_23 RS
After a little love with the grandchildren, G G took a moment to be with his girls. Aren’t they gorgeous?!
Boykin Family 110814_25 RS Boykin Family 110814_27 RS
We let the kids stop and play in the leaves for a bit. All work and no play makes Ashley a sad photographer…but a little playtime in the leaves makes everyone happy!
Boykin Family 110814_36 RS
What also makes me happy is seeing beautiful mamas with their babies.
Boykin Family 110814_31 RS
Thanks again guys for working with me. I hope these photos are exactly what you were looking for.

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