Happy “BIRTH” Day Hadley!
Happy “BIRTH” Day Hadley!
Last January, as I was walking my friend, Kristie, and her daughter to the door after photographing Bellamy’s first birthday cake smash session, I remember Kristie telling me, “You know this isn’t the last you’ll see of us. We’re still growing.” I responded with a smile. She then said, “do you hear me?” I’m not sure I realized then what she was telling me. Actually, when I do the math – it doesn’t add up, but it wasn’t too far after that day that I found out that Kristie was expecting…and then a few more months beyond that that I found out she would be having another little girl.
Hadley Newborn Hospital_008 RS
Then, on November 1, 2014 at 7:17 pm, little Miss Hadley was born and this wonderful family’s hearts grew at two sizes.
Hadley Newborn Hospital_018 RS
I’ve actually been on baby watch for over a week. Kristie texted me that they were officially on baby watch and I found myself looking at my calendar almost daily to figure out when I might be able to get to the hospital. As God would have it, the details fell right into place.
Hadley Newborn Hospital_027 RS
Bellamy (Hadley’s sister) was able to have her Halloween, and Kristie was induced on Saturday morning. Childcare (aka grandparents) stepped in to take care of Bellamy and I had a cancellation on Sunday that allowed me to be there before they were discharged.
Hadley Newborn Hospital_032 RS
So on Sunday afternoon, after another portrait session, I headed off to the hospital to meet this precious baby girl…all 6 lbs, 3 oz, 20 inches of her. Interestingly enough, the exact same size that Felicity was when she was born. Such a little peanut…wearing a pumpkin cap!
Hadley Newborn Hospital_039 RS
To be honest, I’ve never done any hospital newborn photos, but man…did I fall in love! I don’t know if it’s the smell of a sweet newborn child…the love between the parents that seems to fill up the room…or just the excitement of witnessing one of God’s little miracles. Whatever it was, I told Kristie that I need a few more friends to have babies stat! And then I emailed my 36 week pregnant friend, Casey and told her that I wanted to photograph her new baby in a few weeks.
Hadley Newborn Hospital_088 RS
Hadley was a dream to photograph. After chasing toddlers the past few weeks for family portraits, it was nice to photograph someone that won’t run away from me.
Hadley Newborn Hospital_061 RS It doesn’t hurt that she’s also gorgeous.
Hadley Newborn Hospital_080 RS
And you know what? I get to see her again tomorrow for a home session!
Hadley Newborn Hospital_092 RS
You’re going to see a lot of this sweet baby over the next year and I can’t hardly wait to capture all the sweet moments along the way.
Hadley Newborn Hospital_125 RS For now though – welcome to the world Hadley! And Congratulations Kristie, Todd and Bellamy!