February 24, 2015
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Hadley: 3 Month Old Preview
Hadley: 3 Month Old Preview
I love my “Watch Me Grow” clients, but I’m always amazed at how much these little clients grow between visits. Case in point, Miss Hadley who is now 3 months old.
Hadley 3 Months_02 RS
Because it’s a little cold for outdoor portraits, we decided to keep Hadley’s 3 month old session at home. Personally, I love the intimacy of home sessions..and everyone tends to be a little more relaxed.
Hadley 3 Months_16 RS
Speaking of relaxed. When I arrived, Hadley was still napping. You know how 3 month olds are…you can never seem to predict when they’lll fall asleep. Had I been there when she first went to sleep, I might have attempted posing her, but we decided it best to let her sleep a little longer.
Hadley 3 Months_22 RS
When she woke up, she was in a great mood for pictures (that always helps). My little girl needs to “wake up” before she’ll entertain anyone else. And then Bellamy just wanted to climb up to see what was going on. I’m in love with this shot.
Hadley 3 Months_28 RS
After a few shots in the crib, we played dress up. Hadley’s mommy bought this really cute hat. You might say that Hadley is a little “LOVE BUG!!”
Hadley 3 Months_31 RS
We had quite a bit of fun with that little hat.
Hadley 3 Months_35 RS
Bellamy didn’t like not being the center of the attention so I let her have the spotlight for a moment.
Hadley 3 Months_41 RS
By this point, it was time to attempt a family portrait.
Hadley 3 Months_46 RS
Followed by some much needed daddy time.
Hadley 3 Months_74 RS
Oh what a sweet baby girl. You’re already so big and I am already looking forward to seeing you in May! Hadley 3 Months_85 RS