January 01, 2016
Memories, Dreams and Reflections 2015
Memories, Dreams and Reflections 2015
Happy New Year! It’s that time again – Memories, Dreams and Reflections…2015. It’s been an incredible year for our family and I’m so excited to share a look back at our year. With God’s help, 2016 is going to be even better…especially with the addition of a new Sisk. Two years ago, I promised that I would reconnect with my blogging friends. I’ve enjoyed finding many of you on Facebook and having you join me as I write for Daily Mom. Feel free to look me up there so I can see what you and your family is up to. I’d love to stay in touch even if I don’t manage to visit your blog on a regular basis. I’ve found great joy in being present with my family and enjoying the early years of Felicity’s childhood.

Anyways, I’ll get to the photos. I can’t wait to see what your year looked like so be sure to link up. Oh, and if you scroll all the way down, I’ve included the next Scavenger Hunt List.

1. Me!

IMG_2668 RS
Earlier this year, my friend Tovah came over to practice hair and makeup on me for a Daily Mom post. After she left, I felt like my look must be documented. I mean, it’s not every day that I make myself up.

2. I Love You

IMG_5253 RS
My favorite people in the world – Felicity and my husband, Jeremy. I love you both!

3. Still Laughing

IMG_0556 RS
Felicity loves a good jam session and when her friends come to visit, we always end up audience to a great show. Most of the best laughable moments aren’t caught on camera because I was too busy laughing, but as you might imagine, 2-4 kids trying to play instruments and sing the same song is quite comical. Yes – I’m still laughing.

4. Winter Wonderland

IMG_9801 RS
It doesn’t usually snow here until late January or February. This year, as soon as we got word that snow was coming, we took off to my in-laws to enjoy the snow with family. It was sooooo beautiful. I’m hoping we get to do that again in the coming year.

5. Birthday

IMG_4569 RS
We celebrated Felicity’s 3rd birthday this year with a visit to Pullen Park. She loved it so much that she continues to ask when we can go back to her birthday…almost weekly. I took this shot probably a week earlier while her hair was still long. This coming year, birthdays at our house will likely change as her little brother or sister’s expected due date is June 17th. Fe’s birthday is June 29th. Hmmm.

6. Friends

IMG_2358 RS
We have been blessed with so many friends over the past few years – two of which will move away at the end of the year. In particular, we’ve really enjoyed having Ava in Felicity’s preschool class. I hate that she won’t be here beyond May.

7. I Was Inspired

At the beginning of the year, I was inspired to start Project 365. I didn’t join a group or take on any specific prompts. I just wanted to capture my little girl being herself. At this point, I don’t know if I’ll keep it up or not (I guess I should probably decide), but I’m so happy to say I completed it this year.

8. Spring Fever

IMG_2176 RS
After a cold winter, we gladly welcomed spring. Felicity was happy to put on a dress and help out in the yard.

9. Travel or Vacation

PhotoPass_Visiting_Magic_Kingdom_Park_7230447685 RS
We took Felicity to Disney World for the first time in March…taking advantage of their “free before 3” program (which isn’t really a program, more of an opportunity). To say we had a blast is an understatement. I really can’t wait to go back, but I guess we’ll wait until the baby in my belly is a little older first.

10. Summer Days

IMG_0794 RS
Oh you know – just hanging by the pool on a summer day.

11. A Day in My Life

Giggles and silliness is just another day in my life.

12. All Smiles

7F1A8099 RS
Felicity was a such a big girl at the beginning of the year when she had her haircut for the first time. In fact, she was all smiles as “Jommy” gave her a little trim. It wasn’t until this summer that she got her first “big girl” haircut (meaning her hair was cut to her chin).

13. Autumn Harvest

IMG_1238 RS
Autumn is my favorite time of year and this year we took Felicity to a little pumpkin patch to pick out a pumpkin that we later carved. I love this old truck.

14. Family or Home

DSC_3273 blog
Michelle took this picture of our family in early October. What she did’t know was that I found out earlier that day that I was pregnant. What an even more special portrait.

15. Celebrate

IMG_7060 5x7 BLOG
Speaking of me being pregnant – I really love how we announced to the world our news. Don’t you just love the look on Felicity’s face?

16. Let’s Do It Again

IMG_9236 RS
The beach – this is a must! I don’t know how we’ll do it with an itty bitty baby this coming year, but people do it all the time, so I’m sure we’ll figure it out.
IMG_0957 RS
And the fair – Felicity loves going to the fair. I hope we’ll be able to work that in again this coming year.

17. I Miss You

Janie Stain Glass ART RS
Thinking about my grandma today. I miss that woman. Especially as I think about the birth of a new baby – I know how much she would have loved these babies.

18. Beautiful

IMG_9095 blog
Obviously, I think my daughter is beautiful…and I have a gazillion pictures of her. I especially love these two shots that I took of her while I was at the beach. In fact, I really should have them printed already.

19. Dress Up

IMG_1270 RS
Where do I even start? We dressed up A LOT this past year. One of my favorite outfits was Felicity as a modern kitty cat. She got really into character.

20. Macro

IMG_4711 RS
I upgraded my macro lens at some point this past year – maybe the end of last year. Anyways, I didn’t use it much…but I did capture this awesome grasshopper.

21. Holidays

IMG_6005 RS
I seem to take this particular shot every year and it’s still one of my favorite holiday shots.

22. My Favorite

DSC_4278-2 blog
I have a lot of favorite shots, but I think this one is my favorite. Again, I need to have it printed already.

23. Don’t Ever Change

IMG_4354 RS
My sweet, 1st born. You are sweet and sensitive and caring. You are becoming more and more independent, but also so helpful. I am loving how your personality continues to grow. I love every bit of it and when your little brother or sister arrives – I hope you stay my sweet big girl. I love you so much.

24. Just Because

IMG_3409 RS
Oh these two…twinning.

25. Hopes and Dreams

DSC_3338 RS
2016 is going to be a big year for us. I pray for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby by the middle of the year. I also hope that my family can adjust with ease. I guess we’ll see how it all fits together.

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Now that you’ve linked up, here’s next week’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday list. You can start posting here on January 10th.
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Happy Shooting!