April 30, 2016
Categories: Scavenger Hunt
So here’s the deal…
I have had NO luck fixing whatever the problem was that caused me not to be able to post last weekend. I can’t seem to load my own photos to my post…which kinda defeats the purpose of Scavenger Hunt Sunday. A SHS with no photos? What?! Then my husband’s grandfather passed away – that obviously is more important than a scavenger hunt. And I’m 33 weeks pregnant so I am doing my best to get what I can done and then I call it a day. Sometimes SHS falls to the bottom of my pile. Not sure what to do at this point. I’ll see if my husband has a good fix once we get back into our usual routine. In the meantime, I apologize for not being around. Life happens sometimes. :)

    Ashley Sorry to of your husband’s grandfather passjng away and all the things that are happening in your life at present are your priorites now. we wil miss SHS until you feel ready to return although I am sure if you gave us 5 words we would pay anyway although we would miss your wonderul photogaphs and seeing Felicity. I will be thinking of you at this time. if it is more words you need I certainly can provide those for you. All the best until we next hear from you.

    I’m so sorry to hear things have been difficult. Of course, family and health are the most important things. Take care of yourself!

    Hi Ashley,
    Take care of yourself and the new baby. Don’t worry, we’ll be back when everything gets right. Have a great day!