About Me
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My name is Ashley Sisk and I live in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina with my husband, our daughter Felicity, and our cat Kitty Paw. I’ve always loved art and photography, so shortly after our wedding in 2009, I bought my first DSLR (upgraded to the Canon 7D in November 2010) and started this blog. As a result of blogging, I re-discovered my creative spirit, enhanced my photography and editing skills and made some incredible friends.

I’m passionate about my faith, my love affair with photography, building community and sharing what I know. However, if you’d like to borrow any of my photos, please ask for permission first (all images on this site are property of Ashley Sisk, Inc.). I am currently building my portfolio and accepting new clients. Please excuse any spelling or grammatical errors that may occur as I write. And, don’t hesitate to contact me, if you ever have a question or challenge.