BLOGversation: Where do you blog?

January 19, 2011
Fat Mum Slim started a “BLOGversation” yesterday, asking a very important question…”Where do you blog?” I thought it might be fun to join in and share my blogging  “spot.” So, I left work, went to the gym, came home and hit the shower. After my shower, I walked downstairs to prepare dinner. I turned on the TV and there was Mr. Flick…sitting in MY SPOT! Clearly, he’s been feeling a bit neglected. So…Mr. Flick is indeed sitting in my blogging spot. In the words of Sheldon Cooper…“That is my spot, in an every changing...
On Fire!

January 12, 2011
This makes me laugh…that is all.      Happy Wednesday! Be sure to come back tomorrow for Shoot and Edit: Part
She doesn’t have any personality…NOT!...

January 05, 2011
Alyssa is a bit of a ham. I pull out my camera and she jumps in front of it. I’m afraid she took after my husband…and for our family’s sake (and I say this in love), I hope that that gene has been passed. If not, I need to find a lot of energy!This is Alyssa’s pig face…I think. Or maybe she was showing me how to snort. Either way, it’s funny.My mother-in-law took a picture very similar and Alyssa loved it so much she wanted me to reproduce it. Granted, I don’t really care for the pin lights or blown out portion of her forehead but it’s still...
More Snow!

December 29, 2010
Before I say another word…I have a big announcement. Look up at my URL. That’s right friends…as of yesterday, I am officially  Are you excited? I am.  You may need to update your readers to be sure that I am still showing up, but everything else should look pretty familiar to you. Now, with that said…it appears as if I’m getting my husband’s cold so I’m going to rest most of the day (I gotta get ready for tonight’s wedding reception), but I did want to share a few more photos from this weekend’s snowfall....