Happy “BIRTH” Day Hadley!
Happy “BIRTH” Day Hadley!

November 04, 2014
Last January, as I was walking my friend, Kristie, and her daughter to the door after photographing Bellamy’s first birthday cake smash session, I remember Kristie telling me, “You know this isn’t the last you’ll see of us. We’re still growing.” I responded with a smile. She then said, “do you hear me?” I’m not sure I realized then what she was telling me. Actually, when I do the math – it doesn’t add up, but it wasn’t too far after that day that I found out that Kristie was expecting…and then a few more months...
Meet Kaley – 8 Month Old Portrait Preview...
Meet Kaley – 8 Month Old Portrait Preview

October 31, 2014
Let me introduce this sweet little girl to you! I met Kaley on Wednesday morning. We had a perfect day for photos and Miss Kaley was such a delight to photograph. I won’t say much more so enjoy the photos! Thanks again Kaley for being so precious. I hope I have a chance to photograph you again
William: Newborn Portrait Session Preview...
William: Newborn Portrait Session Preview

October 28, 2014
This past weekend, I had an opportunity to meet newborn William and his family for a few photos. I started photographing William’s family earlier in the year, starting with his big sister Mary Adkins – who I believe is just 15 months older. We celebrated MA’s birthday this summer. It was a lot of fun! William decided to arrive a couple of weeks ahead of schedule, but you can tell that this family has already adjusted quite well to having a newborn in the house again. After taking a few photos of the family together, William, his mommy and I went up to...
The “K” Family: Portrait Preview...
The “K” Family: Portrait Preview

October 24, 2014
Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of shooting at my alma mater thanks to an old family friend. Brooke and I have known each other since we were little girls. Our moms are best friends and because Brooke is a couple of years older than me…I often got her hand-me-downs. Fast forward a few years and I followed Brooke to Peace College. I remember one day in particular that my mom and I took a day off from school to visit Peace and hand deliver my application. Brooke met up with us in the dining hall. Seeing a familiar face made me feel right at home. After a tour...