Kitty Paw…the Lap Cat

January 04, 2011
My friend Jill at Forever’n Ever’n Always Photography posted a wonderful tutorial on correct exposure yesterday. She is in the process of re-reading Bryan Peterson’s book Understanding Exposure and sharing her lessons learned along the way. She suggests that if you’re going to take photography serious in 2011, that you purchase your own copy…I did just that!Anyways, I felt inspired by her post last night. Although I like to think of myself as more of a creative photographer, proper exposure is really important regardless of the type of photography you shoot....
Experimental Bokeh

December 21, 2010
The holidays have brought out the very best in bokeh all over the blogosphere.  Wikipedia defines bokeh (pronounced /boʊˈkeɪ/) as the blur,or the aesthetic quality of the blur, in out-of-focus areas of an image, or “the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light.” Differences in lens aberrations and aperture shape cause some lens designs to blur the image in a way that is pleasing to the eye, while others produce blurring that is unpleasant or distracting—”good” and “bad” bokeh, respectively. Bokeh occurs for parts of the scene that lie...
Give Thanks

November 30, 2010
I did not take many photos during Thanksgiving. My family clearly knows that I love photography and I love blogging, but I’m not sure I need to rub their nose in it every time I’m around them. There are times that I just want to live in the moment. However, I did take a few photos during Thanksgiving weekend and this is one of them – my mother/father-in-law’s home. For me, their home reminds me of our family there (we’re about 4.5 hours away, so we only see them a few times a year)…and I am so thankful for marrying into such a wonderful family. My...
Autumn Promises

November 23, 2010
Today’s photo seems to be a reflection of how I feel today – quiet, calm, waiting, reflecting… It was taken on a beautiful Sunday afternoon two weeks ago. However, our days seem to be getting shorter and shorter, and I now feel Autumn drifting slowly away. Where has 2010 gone…what is in store for 2011? To be honest with you, I feel as though my year has moved too quickly and I’m not quite ready to let go of it, but I also know that 2011 is full of promise and opportunity. With that said, I am in the process of working on something that will be posted on...