Fix-It Friday

June 11, 2010
This week’s Fix-It Friday photo comes to us from Susan Keller. She provides a great reminder to all of us behind the camera that we should each find opportunities to get in FRONT of the camera from time to time…especially with the people we love (in this case, her son). Here is her original SOOC: I’ll be honest, I didn’t keep great track of my steps because it’s one of those days, but I hope that my edit below is an improvement. For more Fix-It Friday entries, go to:
I Heart Faces: “Play” Photo Challenge...

June 08, 2010
This week’s I Heart Faces theme is Play! I immediately thought back to one of my first photos taken with my DSLR of my husband, niece and nephew playing on the couch. I absolutely love this shot even if I was shooting in auto at the time.For more play photos, go to:
Before & After: Noiseware

June 02, 2010
New follower, Denise, contacted me yesterday afternoon with quite the challenge.Her husband’s parents live in Mexico and only visit once a year. The rest of the family is spread across the country. Fortunately, the entire family was able to fly in for the baptism of their son in California this past weekend. To commemorate the event, Denise rented a studio for a family portrait  with the intent of setting up the photo using her new camera. Unfortunately, the man at the studio (offering to set up her camera) took a less than stellar photo. When she went to review the photos, she was...
Before & After – Part 3

May 05, 2010
Last one of the day…I think. I took one look at this photo and questioned my ability to “fix” it. It’s such a sweet photo but required a lot of cloning/healing (and I often say cloning/healing because I use one tool and then switch to another, and then over again to get it right) to remove the sunflare. In fact, I had a really hard time removing it from the father’s head…so I worked with it, not against it.I didn’t keep great track of my steps, but I did go through my usual Squeaky Clean step before I applied Coffeeshop’s Sun-Kissed action,...