Before & After: Part 2

May 05, 2010
This Before & After was all about post processing. It’s a cute snapshot of two young fathers with their new sons and I think that it belongs in a frame. My steps are pretty typical:  I started in ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) and auto adjusted the white balance, increased the exposure, added fill light and increased the blacks. I then opened the image up in PSE and cropped a little closer (of course the Before image above has an even closer crop, but that was the JPG file).I ran Squeaky Clean and adjusted the layers accordingly (including reducing the red in their faces).Merged the...
Before & After: Life

April 24, 2010
I’m taking a short break from editing a few of the pictures I took last night at our niece’s tee-ball game to edit a special picture for one of the girls. This is the last picture she took of her mother with her newborn son just a month before her mother passed away. It’s hard to believe that this beautiful woman is now gone…but it’s a wonderful reminder of how short our lives really are and how important it is to take photographs of life as it happens.For this photograph, I went through my normal post-processing steps  in PSE 7 that include a curve adjustment...
Before & After: Family Photos

April 09, 2010
In the previous post, I shared the new “Squeaky Clean” action. In this post, I thought I’d share a few more examples using Kristen’s beautiful family. I believe these were taken on Easter. If I’m honest, I kept putting these off because I was a bit intimidated by the exposure and didn’t want to screw it up. I may still have screwed them up, but I gave it my best effort. With each of these, I started by selecting the background and doing a levels adjustment. I then ran the Squeaky Clean action (adding a brightening step) and adjusted each layer based on the...
Before & After

March 08, 2010
I was in the mood to edit this afternoon, so I asked for a challenge… ask and you shall receive! To be honest, I think that the photographer did a fine job with her own edit, but I thought I’d give it a shot anyways. Here is the before and after: Overall, this is a pretty clean fix…so I used my typical post-processing steps using PSE7. Adjust curve (just a little under-exposed).Select people, adjust levels to make them pop.Select background, adjust levels. Run Coffeeshop’s Just a Perk – this brightens up the whole image (might be too much for some people, but...