Locked Up!

August 26, 2011
Kitty Paw has been doing this thing lately where she puts herself in “jail.” Jail can either be between the pegs of my makeup stool (I’ve had this stool since my 9th grade Debuette presentation…if you’re not from the South, this might not make sense to you. It was made so that when I wore my big ball gown, that I could sit without wrinkling my dress. I now use it in the bathroom to do my makeup) or between the legs of one of our dining room table chairs.Anyways, she used to greet us at the back door when we came home from work or sleep with us at night....

August 19, 2011
Last weekend, my husband was working in our front yard when he noticed a few mushrooms. I must have trained him well because he immediately yelled, “Ashley, get your camera.” I think it started raining shortly after he called me outside so I told him that I would photograph them the next morning so he could promptly get rid of them.  The next day, I walked outside with my camera and macros lens. The mushrooms had multiplied! In fact, you’re going to see more mushrooms in the Scavenger Hunt because even more of them sprouted up a few days later.  And as interesting as...
Echinacea Magnus (aka Cone flowers)

July 22, 2011
I DO NOT have a green thumb. In fact, if you see any beautiful flowers appearing on my blog, I am not to be credited. I’m doing good if I can simply water them. I know that may sound easy enough, but I tend to forget. Actually, these Echinacea Magnus blooms (sure you could call them Coneflowers, but isn’t Echinacea Magnus much more fun to say…try that 10 times), were found in my parents’ backyard. Last weekend, I found myself wandering around the backyard after spending the day visiting family (lunch with Grandma and a hair appointment with my sister…that was a...
Hot Days, Peach Tea and Snail Shells

July 15, 2011
It has been an incredibly hot (and humid) week. Normally, as long as I’m indoors, it doesn’t bother me. This week was the exception…our HVAC at work was less than accurate. I’ve been complaining about the air conditioning for over a month. My manager and I have this ongoing battle with the AC. He comes in fairly early, turns it down (below what’s recommended but I’m not sure it matters considering I never see it go below 74) and then we watch as the temperature steadily increases.This week, it seemed to be getting warmer than usual. Since my manager was out...